I See Your Hidden Strength!

Yes, that’s right… I can literally look at your body and SEE
where your untapped, hidden strength is. Strength that you
didn’t even you had.

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Yesterday was Day 1 of our STRENGTHOLOGY Layer 1
(Neuro-Muscular Strength) Workshop.

I’m always pleased and excited to meet the new students and
learn more about their histories, personal missions and

What is unique about this new crop of students is how young
and hungry they are.

My assistant Chris, called them “Youngry”!

The amazing thing about working with such a young group
(average age is 21), is that I can see their strength better
than they can.

Because they are new to the field of “Strength”, they are hyper
charged with enthusiasm but also a but apprehensive.

But because I have been in this industry for over a decade,
plus I’ve spent a lot of time studying “Charachterology” I
can practically for see their futures buy reading their strengths.

These kids are going to make it BIG.

They are starting off by educating themselves though a mentor
that they have come to admire and trust.

They are investing in their future rather than complaining about
a lack of opportunity.

And best of all… they are doing what they love most.

This is a surefire recipe for success.

Not that their won’t be challenges for them… their WILL!

But that they are building a foundation of strength that will
allow them to navigate the treacherous journey of Becoming
Stronger, And Inspiring Others.

They’ll be here soon… so I’m gonna cut this message short.

I’ll be back with some pics and videos for you to meet our
newest Strengthology Coaches next week.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – If you’re thinking about taking a Layer 1 Workshop like
this in the future, make sure that you’ve prepared yourself by
studying the Strengthology Home Study Course.

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