Can’t Hide When You’re THIS Ugly!

It’s amazing how many people think that they can “hide
their ugliness”!

Now, I’m not talking about being born with a face and a
body that doesn’t match with society’s ideas about what
beauty is.

Actually, most mainstream ideas about beauty are totally
dysfunctional and disturbing.

I’m talking about the ugliness that is painted ALL over a
body that has been poorly maintained for several years.

When we were first born our body, face and skin were quite
pure (unless your mom ate like shit when she was pregnant
with you. This is actually quite common).

But when your parents begin feeding you processed foods
and toxic baby formulas, that your body rejects… you begin
to take the form of someone who is given poor building blocks
for bodily construction.

The crap you’ve eaten during those formative years, slowly
became the building blocks of your nervous system, muscle,
organs and bones.

Quickly you’d begin developing chronic organ, hormonal
and nervous system disorders that lead to muscular skeletal

For example, as a kid you unknowingly became intolerant
to dairy, which caused your colon to become inflamed and
an also caused an increase in mucus, making it difficult for
you to breathe.

The gut inflammation has now caused the deep stabilizer
muscles of your core to shut down. Setting a domino effect
of muscle viruses throughout your body, resulting in poor

The inability to breath because of the excess mucus causes
your head to travel forward and a rounding of your upper
back so as to allow the jaw to hang freely as you “mouth

What a head start!

Now, as you age you continue to make the same dietary and
lifestyle choices that your parents taught you.

* The food you eat is void of nutrients and is toxic, this makes
your body and immune system weak… so you get sick often.

* Your inability to breathe properly decreases the amount of
oxygen needed to supply your skin with vital nourishment
… so your skin is grey or pasty.

* The lack of oxygen to your brain also causes your thinking
to be cloudy and hinders your ability to concentrate.

* Your poor posture leaves you with chronic back pain… so
your body responds to the pain by overproducing corticoid
hormones that leave you stressed out and tired.

*Or you are addicted to pain killers.


Most people in this situation will never consider that their
pain, dysfunction and sheer ugliness has been a result of
their lifestyle and diet, dating as far back as infancy.

Instead they will spend their lives trying to “hide” this ugliness
with makeup, surgeries or pathological materialism.

That’s a hard pill to swallow.

Look, I understand that lots of people may find my story above
offensive and will probably reject it.

That’s okay with me.

I share these ideas with you because I am “sifting through the
sand” to find the 1% of trainers, coaches and strength geeks who
understand that Strength Is A Holistic Process!

And it is THAT 1% that I am inviting to join my advanced course
and certification.

Later today or this weekend I will have all of the details ready to
invite that 1% to become Strengthology Certified.

If that is YOU… then I’m excited to have you join our family :)

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Grow Stronger,

Elliott Hulse

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