Mother nature has a gun to my head.

A pistol, a shotgun or a bazooka would have been bad enough.

But mother nature is far more baneful than a standing army of men with rifles and cannons.

Bullets and bombs seem as silly as as a spitball straw compared to what big mama nature has baring down on me, my family, the entire state of Florida…. and specifically my lazy, little hometown by the beach of St. Petersburg FL.

                                      Hurricane Irma pointing her gun straight at St. Pete.

Right now I am sitting in my parents kitchen in Palm Harbor Florida, about 10 miles north of St. Pete.  My entire family, wife, kids, brother, sister, nieces, nephew, mom and dad… are all huddled here waiting for the onslaught.

Is Palm Harbor any safer than St. Pete?

Not much.

Besides being several feet above sea level, thus bypassing the 8-12 foot storm surge (basically the surge of sea water that comes on land after the storm leaves), we are still in the DIRECT path of Hurricane Irma [see image above].

Irma is coming and she has ZERO regard for who she is going to continue to destroy on her war path through the Caribbean, the Keys and now the United States… starting with St. Pete.

As you’d expect, everyone is freaking out. 

Yesterday I passed a dozen gas stations, each were completely deserted, except for the several broke down vehicles lining the streets around them.

No gas.

No food (grocery stores are closed).

No water.

If we ain’t got what we need now, its just too bad.

Preparing for disasters is a tricky thing… no matter how prepared we think we are there is no telling what the next 24 hours will hold.

Right now our fate is in the hand of God, and whatever God has in store for us is good enough for me.

I am a man of Faith. 

But my Faith is a very different, its not about religion or rabbits feet…

My faith is about flexibility married to obstinate optimism. 

Earlier this week I read the following passage by Lucira Jane Nebelung, on my teacher, Stephanie Azaria’s, website.

“Faith in the inherent goodness/Godness in Life without the dependence on specific circumstances.  It is about the free flow of energy, expansion and flexibility in the emotional body and stability and openness in the mental body. 

Our Unity of Being (Unity Consciousness) is not a static existence, rather a dynamic, self-aware Presence that is continuously changing and transforming as a unified field.  Hope is trusting this universal and harmonious function that is drawing us closer to Truth.  Hope is a Trust in the creative flow of Presence, an open optimism about Life. 

Energized by Hope, we can accomplish things we otherwise could not and clears the subtle bodies.  It aids in the developing the Feminine aspect of Christ Consciousness.” 

This is the kind of faith that allows me to stare down the barrel of God’s gun and know that all is good.

Am I concerned about my family.


Am I taking all possible safety precautions.


Am I allowing my mind to descend into darkness, despair and fear.

F*ck no.

I have trust in “the creative flow of Presence (God)”.

I have “Faith in the inherent goodness/Godness in Life”.

If today marks the end of my life on Earth, or the beginning of immeasurable loss and pain… I remain firm in this faith.

Far from what many of the hyper-reactive, doggedly attached, frantically fearful folks might say… my attitude is not about giving up or letting go.

This is actually about holding on to the fact that God is good… no matter what.

If you pray, feel free to give us a shout-out in the name of your Lord.

If not, no worries.

It’s all good / God.

E Hulse