Hot Air or Hot Shit? (business ideas that stink so good)

Have you ever wanted to turn your passion into a business and live life on your own terms?

That’s good, REAL good.

But first we’ve got to evaluate if your idea is full hot air (all talk and not practical) or hot shit (dope, lit… awesome).  

Last time I was in London my friend Brian Rose interviewed me on London Real.

It was probably one of the most honest and complete interviews I have ever had in my life. These guys were real pros.

One of the reasons they deliver such excellence is because Brian and his team are truly living their passion. They wake up every morning excited to tell great stories to the world.

But it wasn’t always that way.

After the show I started talking to Brian and was shocked to hear that he was a banker for 10 years and used to entertain clients in Monaco and Switzerland!

He was making a LOT of money but he hated what he did, and he was slowly dying inside.

London Real was his way to walk away from banking and start living his life with passion. But he still had no idea how to turn this into a business.

It took 3 years for him to figure out the revenue model and another 2 years to create what is now a 7-figure media company. This took a ton of blood, sweat, and tears.

Now he is sharing how he did it and giving away his roadmap on how to turn your passion into a business.

Over the next week, he will give you 3 FREE videos revealing the tools and strategies he used to build London Real.

He will also demonstrate exactly how he helped over 200 students transform their passion into an online business, and how you can replicate their results.

Even if:

• You don’t have a business idea
• You are not an “expert”
• You have trouble following through

You’ll learn how to find your passion, discover market opportunities and how to transform them into a revenue-generating money machine.

Not only that, by the end of this week you will understand the blueprint of a successful online business and how financial freedom can be created and replicated.

Here is what you will learn:

• Video 1: How to bulletproof your business idea
How to find your passions, talents and market opportunities. You will also learn how to test your business ideas and select the one with the greatest opportunity.

• Video 2: How to create a winning digital product
Discover the different product types, your product success path and how he sold hundreds of products in just a couple of days.

• Video 3: Your complete Business Success Blueprint
Discover all the moving parts in any successful online business, and what you need to do to become successful yourself.

This week, Brian will be your business coach.

He will show you how a successful business does not get built by extraordinary people, but by extraordinary habits.

You don’t need a Harvard Business degree, special connections or a magical million-dollar idea to live a life on your terms. You need the right mindsets, strategies and techniques, which Brian will lay out for you. 

But first, you need to know what your passion is.


Because one lesson I have learned, and Brian found the same thing when he worked in banking, is that you can make all the money in the world, but if you don’t feel great about what you are doing today, then how can you expect to live a fulfilled life?

In the following video, Brian will show you how you can test if people will actually pay you to live your passion.


You ask your MOM.

Not your real mom – your Market Opportunity Map.


Brian will explain more in the video. 

You will also discover:

• A simple tool for discovering your passion using his “10 vlogs in 10 days” challenge.
• How to easily test if you can get paid for your passion.

• How to choose the right business idea by finding the intersection of your passions, talents, and market opportunities.

• How to bulletproof your business idea using the Market Opportunity Map (MOM).

And much more!

Click here to watch your free “How to Bulletproof your Business Idea” training video. 

The first step to creating a life of financial freedom is matching your passion with a great business idea.

Watch the video here 

To your freedom,


PS: Next time, I’ll tell you how Brian went from zero to 100,000 followers and how to pick the right social media platform for your business.