How Elliott Handles PAIN & INJURY

You might think this is pretty weird…

But I seem to thrive on pain!

In life I always go for the more challenging path,
leaving security in exchange for adventure… which
often leads to pain.

In sports and training, I choose activities that are
sure to create injury and pain. For example I played
college football and I compete in Strongman.

Both are very dangerous sports!

In a way, I think pain is an essential part of growth.

But you don’t have to be like me and go LOOKING for
pain, but if you live your life or train in the gym always
trying avoiding pain, you probably won’t get too far.

But sometime pain becomes a huge stumbling block!

For example, I am getting ready for a big strongman
competition this weekend.

Two of the events require that I press a heavy axle or
giant dumb bell over head.

A few weeks ago I started getting a sever shooting pain
in my forearm when pressing, that shot up into my elbow
…and it was even making its way up to my shoulder!

The pain was horrible and caused me to stop training
the press movements all together.

Now, as much as I appreciate the power of pain… this pain
was getting in my way!

I needed it GONE… fast!

So I contacted my “team” of practitioners to go to work on
my arm and get me back up to competition speed.

First I had my chiropractor do some boney adjustments to
the structures in my wrist.

Then I had my Neuro-Muscular Therapist do some soft
tissue work on my forearm muscles.

That seemed to do the trick! — and now I am about 100%
and ready to compete this weekend.

What about when you’re in pain?

Ever have the type of pain that just gets in the way?

Ever have the same kind of forearm / elbow pain that I

Well, you might not have access to my super-team of
practitioners, or care to spend as much as I do on bodywork
and therapy.

But there is something that you can do about it.

Here is a dirt cheap and easy, homemade method for fixing
elbow pain
that Jedd Johnson shared with me.

This is exactly what you need if your elbow / forearm is
as jacked up as mine was.

I actually wish I knew about it three weeks ago!


Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. hey elliott, ive been watching your videos for a while now and theyre really helpfull. i was wondering if you can give me an idea of what my weight lifting program should be like. i am a boxer, so i need alot of endurance, but im trying to gain weight and strength. saying that im still looking to be as fast as i can. i currently weigh 180lbs and looking to go up. i train every day, 3 of those days are very hard on cardio because of sparring, and the rest of them are not as hard, but i can still feel it. i have a fight in 6 weeks, so how should i tapper as the fight gets closer. thanks alot for taking the time to read this, and looking forward hearing from you.

  2. Hi Elliot, greetings from Liverpool, England! I’ve just discovered your videos on Youtube and i must say they have inspired me to re-immerse myself back into strength training. My only problem is i’m presently recuperating from a back injury which is looking like i may need a discectomy (L4/L5). Before the injury (caused by lifting a 20 stone man off me! – long story) i considered myself pretty strong and fit for my weight as i was climbing to a good standard (E4 6a English or 5.11d American) and used to compete in marathons. I think the running is over for me now so want to concentrate on getting my strength back and maybe concentrating on a new sport. I’m going crazy at the moment as all i can do is pilates and swim. My main question then is what weight training exercises can i do around my injury specifically avoiding compression of the lower spine? Cheers – Fred

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