Hybrid Crossfit Workouts (gets you strong and ripped)

I’ve shared my feelings about Crossfit with you in this
newsletter and YouTube on several occasions.

Basically, I like it.

In fact, I like it enough to send my own children to a
Crossfit Kid’s class in my city.

What I like about Crossfit is the emphasis on GPP,
training multiple energy systems, and neuromuscular
skill acquisition, all within one system.

The only downside to Crossfit, in my mind, is the seeming
lack of emphasis on a coherent periodization or progression.

Lots of newbies do really well using Crossfit simply because,
well… they’re newbies, and almost ANYTHING will work
for them.

But as you grow in muscular maturity, you will NEED to
follow some sort of plan in order to reach more lofty fitness
or performance goals.

If fact, all of the Crossfit competitors follow their very own
programming designed specifically for the chance to
participate and possibly win The Crossfit Games.

And if you’ve ever seen these dudes… they are JACKED and
SHREDDED to the bone!

Take for example my buddy Travis Stoetzel (he is actually my
buddy in real life, I just spoke to him on the phone today… so
no internet tough-guy BS when I call him my buddy).


As you can see, he is not a BS Crossfit newbie.

He creates his own “Hybrid Crossfit” workouts that he designs
specifically for the goals of high level competition as well
as getting lean, jacked and ripped.

Apparently it works!

Okay… this is important, so listen closely.

I started in this business of fitness publishing and promotion
about 6 years ago in order to put food on the table for my
growing family WHILE doing what I love most…. teach
people about fitness.

Over that time I have promoted workouts and books that
were mediocre at best… I did this to make money and
build relationships with other publishers.

A part of me resents the fact that I’ve done this, but I am
grateful for the fact that it allowed me to be where I am
today, and to serve you the best I can.

But those days are over!

I no longer HAVE TO sell workouts to keep the lights on at
my gym and food on the table at home.

I am now in a position to only tell you about people and
programs I truly love and give my 100% endorsement to.

Your trust in me is the most important asset that I’ve built
over the past 6 years, and I would NEVER do anything to
squander that.

So… here is my endorsement for Travis and his training
methods which combine Crossfit conditioning, powerlifting
and Olympic lifting into a system he calls:

The Unbreakable Bad-Ass Blueprint  <– see it here.

These workouts are AMAZING!

I love the fact that Travis is combining so many different
parameters into a system that is periodized and progressive.

It reminds me of my Lean Hybrid Muscle program from
2009. All of the principles are the same, except Travis has
adopted his to support his journey of becoming a Crossfit

You can read about it here:

Thank YOU for reading my newsletter.

Thank YOU for trusting my advice and support.

And THANK YOU for allowing me to build a great business,
doing what I love and sharing my passion about strength
with you.

Lets keep Growing Stronger together,
Elliott Hulse