The Ills of Un-Groundedness

In April of last year I got rid of almost 90% of the books in my library.


Because I felt like it.

And as you’ll see in a moment, I trust my feelings.

So when my gut, heart, or that grounded voice in my head asks me to take action… I don’t question it, I just do it.

Anyway, you might be wondering what 10% of my old books I did choose to keep.

I might reveal the whole list another time, but for today’s conversation all you need to know is that I’ve kept most of my Bioenergetics books from Alexander Lowen.

Right now I am in Berlin Germany participating in a 21-day Dynamic Meditation class with my teacher, and the woman who coached me through my first bioenergetics session.

While I’m here is am not only participating in 2x per day meditations, I am also re-reading my favorite Alexander Lowen books.

This week I’m devouring “Depression and The Body” and I came across this amazing statement I wanted to share with you.

According to Lowen, “A suppression of feeling leads to a predisposition to depression, since it prevents the individual from relying on his feelings as a guide to behavior.  His emotions do not flow in sufficient strength to give him clear direction; that is, he lacks what it takes to be an inner-directed person.  He loses faith in himself and is forced to look to the outside world for guidance.”

Everyday I get emails from young men and women asking me for advice.

They want to know what they should do about their boyfriend / girlfriends; their parents; school; work; friends, etc.

They want old Yo Elliott to give them the right answer; to tell them what they should do… rather than be still, and listen to their own hearts.

It’s not their fault though.

I totally get it.

We have been trained to be suspicious of our feelings.  Parents, teachers, priests, and Coke-bottle spectacle scientists tell us that we are to ignore the impulses of our body, at best.

In the case of archaic out-dated religious dogma we’re told our feelings are evil; and in the case of narrow-minded scientific dogma we’re told our instincts (intuition) have something to do with our being part monkey.

Your feelings are either irrelevant, devilish or dumb!

According to Lowen someone who is cut off from the intelligence of his body must rely solely on his head.  A head cut off from the body is no better than a tree without it’s roots.  It’s ungrounded!

Like Lowen said, they don’t have enough emotional strength to receive clear direction.


The head without a feeling body underneath has no UNDERstanding. 

No wonder so many young people suffer from disassociation; they’re split off from their own emotions, intuition and primal instinct.

The only thing that a floating head can ground itself in is the advice, opinions, and so-called facts given by other people.

So I’ve stopped making all those advice videos that people have come to love so much.  I refuse to be a part of the problem by enabling the ills of un-groundedness.

Instead, I am dedicating the next chapter of my life helping to GROUND people in the intelligence of their own bodies, so they can make their own decisions, and live their own life… free from the haunting opinions and judgements of others.

That is what Grounding Camp is all about.

When you leave any of our three-day Grounding Camp events I don’t want you walk away with a head-full of more junk.

I want you to walk away with a deeper connection to your heart and gut… and stronger faith in the choices YOU make about the life you’re meant to live.

Grounding Camp is not about giving you more stuff to think about.

Grounding Camp is about giving yourself back to you.

***There are only about a dozen spots left in our California Camp***

If your gut tells you to do this… then maybe its time you listen.  The camp is in February, so why not start practicing now?

Take action here:


PS – Paradigm shifts are hard to make.  The ego has a death-grip on old ideas and superstitions.  But if you’re ever going to get something new, you’ve got to do something new.

The old way (going to your head, and other people for advice) is on it’s way out.  Humanity is evolving at a rapid rate right now, and only those who can stay tuned to the frequency of the heart are going to make it in the new world.

Don’t wait for me or anyone else to prove it to you.

What does your heart say?

(or just look around, it’s so obvious to those who can see)