“Im Getting Old” <--- and other bullshit excuses

There is an extremely powerful, yet evil force
that stands between YOU and the object of your

If you desire a stronger body… this evil force will
show itself.

If you want to lose fat and get ripped… the evil force
will rear its ugly face.

If you want to earn more money; travel the world;
fall in love or simply relax and enjoy life….

This evil force will be there to stamp out your efforts
and leave you weak and impotent.

This evil force is so sneaky, insidious and powerful

It has been following you since birth.

It knows all of your thoughts, desires, strength,
and weaknesses.

Some people call this evil force Devil, Demon or
simply Resistance.

It’s main source of power comes by the way of
rationalization and comfort.

He says to you, “You are too old to do this… just give up!”

He says, “You are not like the young man you once were,
why expect to reap the same results?”

Then he rubs you on your back and says, “Yes, just
submit to my forces like everyone else, there is no point
in resisting me… there are numbers and studies to back
up my claims.”

Then he finally slams the door SHUT and completely
destroys the path towards your beloved with the single
most awesome tool in his box.

He excuses you.

When the filthy words of EXCUSE pour forth from your
mouth, know that these poisonous words are not from
the true core of your being.

These words are from the evil forces calmly eating every
bit of your worth from the inside out.

In this moment evil has possessed you and you must not give
more strength to its grasp by submitting to it’s seductive

Its a trap.

You are NEVER too old to begin or maximize your journey
towards the strongest version of yourself.

And Steve Holman agrees…

Abolishing Excuses is #3 in his 5 Steps To A Younger You.

Click the link below to read more about the biggest bullshit
lie that is holding you back from your potential.


Grow Stronger (even as you grow older),
Elliott Hulse

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  1. No excuses, just hard work. We gotta get stronger not only in body, but in mind (mostly in mind). Keep growing stronger Mr. Hulse. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I’m 18 and always get thoughts I am too old to ever become a good MMA fighter considering I only started at 18, compared to kids who are now starting as early as 5.

  3. yo Elliott.. thanks for those words!! everytime it is as if you were speaking to me!.. thanks again!..

  4. Here is a quote that really motivates me,

    “All men are anxious to improve their circumstances, however most are unwilling to improve them selves, and they therefore remain bound.”

    James Allen

    There is a great little book by James Allen titled AS A MAN THINKETH. It was written in 1903 and is a great read.

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