Everyone’s AFRAID of imaginary bullsh*t

When I was about six years old the kids on the playground  used to play this game…

First, one kid would extend his finger and thumb about one inch apart as if holding something tiny between his fingers.

Holding up his semi-pinched fingers in front of another kids face he would ask “are you afraid of a person THIS small?”

And of course, kid number two would answer “No”.

Then, the kid with the pinched fingers would quickly thrust his imaginary person towards the second kids face, aiming for his eyes.

Of course, second kid would flinch.

Then the clever finger-pincher would laugh and say, “If you’re not afraid, then WHY ARE YOU FLINCHING?”

Kids love dumb jokes and stuff like that.  As a an adult though, we can see how silly and simple this is.

In the rational mind, there is nothing scary about a one-inch man… especially an imaginary one trapped between a little boy’s fingers.

But when the imaginary tiny-man gets thrust into his eyes, kid number two’s autonomic nervous system enacts a flight or flight response that causes him to flinch.

It is an automatic response, to some imaginary bullshit! 

And guess what… it don’t just happen to kids.

You and I often find ourselves subconsciously flinching all day long — usually as a response to some imaginary bullsh*t.

If you don’t think so, then try this….

Next time you’re in a situation that makes you nervous, like:

+ Speaking to a new girl (or boy) at work or school
+ Walking past an intimidating looking person down a dark ally
+ Applying for a new job, or asking for a raise
+ Getting yelled at by your dad

Take notice of YOUR BODY. 

Notice how you unconsciously flinch, shrink, or shy away from the situation or person.

Notice how your breathing changes.

Notice how your eyes begin to shift or turn away.

Notice how your belly feels.

Notice how your jaw feels.

Notice how you begin grinding your teeth, tapping your feet or biting your nails.

All of these weird, tiny, little UNCONSCIOUS movements… for some imaginary bullsh*t.

Sometimes when I catch myself unconsciously reacting to some normal bullsh*t situation, I just catch myself and laugh!

Its called being self-objective.

It’s about being self-aware.

And it its the first step to SELF-MASTERY.

At Grounding Camp we begin to expose all of our unconscious fears by increasing awareness of the body, and how we are

Once we expose the blocks, we go to work deconstructing them one at a time.

Grounding Camp is about being your Strongest Self by uncovering and ditching any bullsh*t blocking our way. 

Join us at the next Grounding Camp this fall where you’ll begin to finally feel alive, by getting out of your own way.

What’s there to be scared about?

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