Information Constipation (why I gave away 90% of my books)

I woke up one morning in April and decided to pack up all my books and give them away.

My office had been littered with all kinds of books, my bookshelves were so overloaded that one of them even collapsed in my office.


The act of packing up my books and giving them away may have seemed spontaneous, but it was in the making for a long time.

For months I had been feeling the deep need to “drop weight” or let go of unhealthy attachments in my life.  In fact, all of 2016 has been a process of my letting go of things in my life that no longer serve me. 

Don’t get me wrong, though…

I am not saying books are bad and that everyone needs to give away all of their books like I did.  Just like I say in the video, some people need to actually pick up a book for once.

But for me it was a crutch.

All of those books gave me a sense of worth.  Walking into my office and seeing the big wall of books gave my ego something to identify with; but deep down inside I knew the truth. 

Packing up and getting rid of the books was less about actually getting rid of books, and more about releasing one more attachment… and stripping off one more insidious layer of ego.

I share this message with you in hopes that somehow you might relate to my story.

I share this message with you in hopes that if you’re carrying heavy things in life, things which no longer serve you… you’ll find the courage to let them go.

As far as books are concerned, I’ve decided that I will only keep the most important books in my life.

In my home I have a small bookshelf (6 ft tall x 2 ft wide).  This bookshelf contains all of the books I need; and if I want to add a new book to the collection, then another one must go to make room.

I call this “library pruning”.

It’s all about keeping whats useful, and getting rid of the rest. 

Keep Growing Stronger,

PS – I’m sure you’re curious about what precious books I’ve chosen keep in collection.

I’ll leave that for another day… but here is a shot I took for Instagram yesterday (thanking the beard oil company for the sending me their product sample) where you can a couple of my most prized books in the background :)