Interview With Dr. Stan Pierce, Upper Cervical Specialist

Recently I’ve discovered a new and powerful method for bringing balance to the muscular system.

Along with the assessment, stretching and strengthening protocol’s that I teach my Strengthology Students as well as in my Muscle Virus Solution program… this new method seeks to attack the issue of “muscle viruses” at it’s root — THE NERVOUS SYSTEM.

The interview below features my good friend and care provider, Dr. Stan Pierce.

In this interview you will discover how most muscular imbalances can be traced back to the misalignment of a tiny bone in your neck named The Atlas.

Once this misalignment is corrected you or your clients will experience an immediate increase in movement capacity, pain reduction, recover ability, strength and performance…. just like I experienced prior to my last strongman competition where I took first place.

**Dr. Stan will be working with our Strengthology students as a part of the Level 1 Certification**

If you have any questions about something mentioned in this interview please comment below and I’ll try to get you a solid answer.

Keep Growing Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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