How People Judge Your Looks

Whether we’d like to admit it or not…

…EVERYONE is judging you by the way you look.

You are also creating snap judgements about a person
based on how they first appear to you.

This form of prejudice is also called “thin slicing”, and
it is a powerful, primordial method that humans use for
assessing the relative dangers that a certain situation may

Although this is not “politically correct”, we are all doing
this all of the time.

But because we’ve been conditioned to suppress these snap
judgements we often have “feelings” about a particular
person, but we have a hard time verbalizing why we feel
the way we do.

Sometime we meet someone that makes us feel angry.

We meet people that make us feel compassionate.

We meet people that make us feel cautious.

We meet people that we instantly like, and people that
we instantly dislike.

There are many subjective reasons why we may feel the way
we do, things like experiences we’ve had with someone who
looks similar to this new individual.

There are also many subjective reasons we feel the way that
we do about a particular person.

For example, when I played college football I would
immediately judge the strength of an opposing player by how
thick his thighs and glutes are.

I saw objectively that thin, small legs mean that I am going to
crush this athlete…

…and thick, strong legs means that I’m going to have to work
hard in my struggles against him.

I also have a method for creating “snap shots” of what type of
muscle imbalances and potential areas of injury or poor
performance my fitness clients have.

It’s called a “Plumb Line” assessment.

We basically ask the person to stand behind a plumb line chord,
then we begin taking objective notes on the appearance of his

In Module #2 of my Advanced Neuromuscluar Strength home
study course you’ll learn how to do the same thing.

Becoming a wizard at judging someone’s muscular strength and
balance by learning my “Plumb Line” assessments in this course:


Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – Remember, this is an advanced course for high level students of
strength only.





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  1. I have osgood schlatters and was wondering how I can,fix this problem. Some people say I just have to grow out of it but there is a strickland protocol that is supposed to heal it in 3weeks but I have to buy it. I was womdering if those patella bands would help or how to speed up the fixing of the growth plate damage in my knee.

  2. This all makes perfect sense, but Elliott, are you going to be having another strengthology course at your gym anytime soon? I’d love such an opportunity. Much Love -Bryan

  3. I think this is really cool, I’m interested but do you think this is relevant to fighters in MMA or BJJ?

  4. If any of you guys are thinking about this course, I would say just get it! It is fantastic information and very well put together program…worth much more than Elliott charges for it, and will help you and your clients/athletes get better, stronger, and stay injury free!

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