King Book Bragging and Update



It’s been almost one month since the release of the ultimate manual
for growing stronger muscles, mind and life mastery.

In a minute I’m going to tell you exactly how you can get KING as
soon as the next batch goes to print, but first…

King is on top of everyone’s reading list:

Beautiful women.

Devoted servicemen.

Young brother smiling from North Carolina.


“Yo elliot! King got here to day and so far so good. I read the first 24
pages in 30 minutes but it really felt like 5 seconds.

Already so much value in such a small amount.

I can’t wait to apply these principles and rituals to my life!

I hope to meet up with you some day on some way shape or form.
You have helped me as a young man so much ever since I discovered
your videos back in April 2015.

I’m already all in on king and have already stashed the money away to
invest in king initiation.

I can’t wait to grow stronger in mind body and spirit.


Much love from nc,

Henry Werner


Thanks for joining The King Squad Henry, and thank you for working with
us to construct the new world.

Only those with stronger minds, bodies and spirits are prepared to do this

Big hug!



Received my copy of KING today, pretty much dropped everything and
spent a few hours reading it cover to cover.

Much of the knowledge is still seeping in, and I know I will have several
more read throughs, plus there are many passages i dog-eared to revisit
soon (likely tomorrow). However:

I hate using the term life-changing. It smacks of commercialism and
over-inflation / hype of a product.

So perhaps we can coin a new term for this philosophical epic.


I’m a fit male, in my mid 20s, with a good job, house, car, etc. Lately i
have been lacking motivation to better myself, likely due to complacency
with the current my current semi-cushy lifestyle and meager (in the grand
scheme of things) achievements.

I can honestly say that reading through KING has re-ignited that
hunger to go out and conquer, to be better than average, to actually
do something worth a damn with my life.

Can’t say I’m sure what exactly that is, yet, but the fire is burning.
Kudos to you.

I am excited for KING to be available for multiple copy purchase, I have
several close friends & one relative I am anxious to introduce to your
philosophy, but am not willing to loan out my copy for fear it will not be

My gratitude and admiration,

Tim from Buffalo NY


Damn right Big Tim…. only YOU can change your life.  But I’m glad KING
could be a part of your journey.

When we choose our path, and dominate… we are also carving the way for
others.  When your friends, family, co-workers, and the young Kings on
their come-up see you doing good work with your life they’ll be inspired to
grow stronger themselves.

Let’s spread our mission like a virus.  One successful, ambitious King at
a time… beginning with ourselves.

Bless up!


If you think I’ve written this message just to brag… you’re 100% correct. 

Hell yea I’m proud of you.

Hell yea I’m proud of the work we’re doing.

Hell yea I’m proud that KING is life changing (and path molding).

Hell yea I’m excited about the bright, bright future ahead us.

I see nothing but light ahead for you, me and all of us who are committed to
becoming everything we are meant to be, and more.

I see a future where the light of personal power, creativity, love and legacy
wash out the darkness of a bygone era.  It’s time to move on men, and it’s
time to be the Kings and the blessers of human kind.


Thanks for your patience as we prepare to launch another batch of books
this spring.  You are on this VIP newsletter list, so you’re sure to be one of
the first to get notice when we release another 7,000 copies.

APRIL 2016 

What’s even more exciting to me is that April is my birthday month, and it
is the start of springtime… the season of rapid growth, blossoming and
sexual excitement.

The whole of nature enlivens and vibrates with the onset of spring, and it’s
the perfect time for new beginnings (better than even new years).

Until then keep reading these value packed messages from me… and keep
carving, dominating and delivering your gifts to the world.

Love life and lift heavy,
E Hulse


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