King vs God

On Friday I was working in my office while listening to Bob
Marley on Spotify, when I got a phone call from my bother.

I almost NEVER answer the phone when I’m working,
or listening to Bob… but something urged me to answer
that day.

And I’m glad I did.

My younger bother Ellis is a social worker for the county,
one of his responsibilities is to visit sick and elderly patients.

When I picked up the phone Ellis asked me if he could stop
by my office on his way home; he had something that he
needed to give me right away. 

He arrived 20 minutes later with an interesting story, and a gift.

First, he explained that he had been in St. Petersburg (my
city) that afternoon visiting an elderly woman who has been
quite ill.  During their conversation the woman began speaking
about God, and her Bahai faith.

Ellis told her that his older brother (me), was also a Bahai for
almost 15 years (something I haven’t been very forthcoming
about with my readers and viewers about over the past ten

The Bahai faith has a relatively small community so when the
elderly woman heard this, her face lit up and she began to open
her necklace to remove the pendant.  She asked my brother to
tell me that she loved me, and handed him this to give to me.

When my brother handed this to me, my jaw almost dropped
to the floor.

This symbol is called “The Ringstone Symbol” and it was created
by Abdul Baha, one of the founders of the faith.

Within this symbol you can find traces of every other world
the Star of David, the Christian cross, the Crescent Moon
and Star of Islam, The Lotus Flower, The Dharmacakra of Buddhism
…and several others, all here in this one symbol.

If you’re really interested, this video might help you see it.

The reason I share this with you today is because the vertical
line in the middle, with the three horizontal lines crossed through
it is also the Chinese character for King!

Last week I launched my book KING… and I found this unexpected
gift as not just a coincidence, but a sign :)

I also share this with you because we’re all on the journey of becoming
a Stronger Version Of Ourselves… even me.

And on this journey we are often offered signs (or omens) which
point us in the right direction, or affirm us in the direction we are

This gift just happens to be a signpost for me on my journey.

Paulo Coelho writes in The Alchemist, “In order to find the treasure, you
will have to follow the omens. God has prepared a path for everyone
to follow. You just have to read the omens that he left for you.”

The longer you travel on your path, the most sensitive you’ll become to
the signs and synchronicities which may give you a glimpse into your true
purpose here in this life.

Bless up,
Uncle E

PS – I’m pretty sure that my mention of religion in this message will make
some people very uncomfortable, or even mad.

Listen, my point is not to proselytize or seek converts.  I honor you, I honor
your journey, and I honor your faith… or lack thereof :)

Thanks for being here with me on this journey while I share ideas,
insights and empowering stories here with you.

Keep growing stronger!