“King Kong Ain’t Got S*it On Me!” (grand arrogance)

The legendary personal development teacher Earl
Nightingale once said…

“ATTITUDE is the most important word in the English

What he means is the way you feel about yourself and
the character you exhibit is far, far more important in
reaching your goals than your talents, strengths or

A strong attitude not only affects the way other people
see you — but it greatly affects the way YOU see

This idea always reminds me to of a scene in the movie
“Training Day” when Denzel Washington is surrounded
by all of the other gangsters in the neighborhood with
their guns drawn.

They threaten to kill him, but in his grand arrogance he
gives an emotionally fueled speech where he reminds them
of how powerful he is (or thinks he is).

Then he drops the best line in the movie, “King Kong
ain’t got s*it on me!”

Sometimes when I’m training I like to play this scene in
my head and I even go as far as to remind my training
partners that “King Kong ain’t got s*it on me!” :)

It’s all about ATTITUDE!

And your attitude is shaped by the stories that you tell
yourself about who you are and what you are capable

Are you entertaining stories about how you’re not big
enough, smart enough, good looking enough, strong

Or are entertaining the idea that King Kong ain’t got
s*it on you?

Either way, there IS a story about yourself that you’ve
accepted and believe.

On of the best ways to develop an awesome attitude, is to
do awesome things.

Like cleaning and jerking 200, 300 or 400 pounds overhead!

Not only does a feat like that require a strong attitude, but
it requires that you discipline yourself towards learning the
skills to make it happen.

All of the Olympic Lifts… the clean, jerk and snatch require
strength, speed, skill and attitude.

You can learn more about developing the strength, speed and
skills to do it with the videos on the website below:


But you can ONLY develop the attitude to it within your very
own mind.

Talk to ya tomorrow.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – here is the scene from Training Day :)

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  1. Hey Elliot…love the post. Will be sure to be yelling this next time at the gym haha.

    I do have a question on my bench. I know it is totally unrelated to the post, so I hope you do not mind. I recently took two weeks off due to shoulder pain. It went away after a few days, and I started training on Monday (where I hit the bench). Shoulder pain came back…so it is obviously something to do with my form. The pain is not that bad, just feels like really bad DOMS in the front part of my shoulders…but I can tell it isn’t. Anyways, I just hopped on a bench with just the weight of the bar. My shoulders only hurt when I get two inches off my chest to the bottom (so I assume I am straining my RC cuffs). I have been arching, and keeping my elbows tucked lowering the bar to my upper abs so not sure what the problem is. Do you have any advice on how to fix this? Do I just have to stop 2-3 inches above my chest? Feels like I am cheating when I do this, so trying to avoid it. I have been doing some of the stretches for the pec minor that you have up on youtube and these seem to help, but obviously I want the pain to go away. I am only 17, so this is not some chronic pain that I am constantly dealing with.

    Sorry for the long unrelated post…but any response from you or anyone who reads this would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

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