Lance Armstrong “GIVE Strong”?

I’m sure you’ve heard the big news this week about Lance Armstrong
admitting to the use of performance enhancement “supplements” while
competing as a world class athlete.

Of course he’s taking a lot of heat for this.  There are many people who are
disappointed with him and feel as if, somehow, Lance let them down.


But I believe that his “mistakes” and his admittance of guilt may
actually be
 the most powerful experience and most important
choice that he’s made in
 his entire life.

Here is why…

First, no one is perfect — and every single one of us has a few ugly skeletons
locked up in the closet of our past.  NO ONE is 100% good and free from

Knowing this, Lance and others who have publicly exposed their mistakes are
in a powerful position to influence others from a place of empathy.

He can say, with all sincerity, “I’ve been there, I’ve made mistakes
and I’ve
 overcome then… and now I’d like to help you.” 

Lance’s new position of influence goes beyond his athletic ability,
and even 
beyond his lowly admittance of guilt… it now extends itself
into the place of
 fallen soldier who as battled back from a great
failure who can show others
 how they might do the same thing!” 

This is THE most powerful place to be when you’ve dedicated your life to helping
others grow stronger.

If you are a coach, personal trainer or mentor to anyone… you know that by
sharing YOUR STORY of battling back from obesity, weakness, injury, low
self esteem or weight gain is your most powerful tool in influencing your clients.

When I trained college football players I would always share my story about
being a great athlete with the potential of going pro… but failed in reaching
my goals through various mistakes, mistakes that I would like to show them
how to avoid.

This always put me in a place where my athletes were far more interested
in what I had to say, than if I simply positioned myself as a really smart guy
who knows stuff about getting stronger.

“I’ve been a loser, but I learned how to win.  Now I am a winner,
and I want
 to show you how.”

If you are a coach or trainer and have a story that fits this formula, you
possess the most powerful marketing and influence tool at your disposal.

Helping others grow stronger (or what I call Presentable Strength) is the
crown jewel of The Strongest Version Of You!

But helping other by using subtle influence techniques requires a level of
awareness, good will and empathy that most coaches and trainers never

When you invest in my No B.S Marketing For Strength Coaches course,
you will not only learn the mechanical steps I took to build my warehouse
gym and online business…

…you will also discover the many psychological tools, like the one I just
shared with you, that draw more clients into your fold and allows your
influence to guide them towards greater success.

Make no mistake, these tools are like FIRE.

In the wrong hands they can be very, very destructive.

But in the hands of a dedicated coach, trainers, parent or mentor
 can change peoples lives in the most positive way ever.

Here is what you need:

In fact, this is exactly what Lance Armstrong and his LIVE STRONG
Foundation needs.

If they’re smart they’ll reposition his Live Strong mantra into a new,
more powerful GIVE STRONG position where Lance can now speak
eye-to-eye with all of us lowly mistake-makers… from a place of

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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