Language Of Your Body (who are you really?)

One of my favorite Emerson quotes is…

“What you are speaks so loudly, that we can’t
hear a word you say…”

This is true, especially of your body.

Everything about you is in someway expressed
in your organs and muscular systems.

This is why we use metaphors describing people,
such as…

“tight ass”

“head strong”

“tight lipped”

“high strung”, etc.

In fact there is an entire scientific branch of psychology
called “Bioenergetic Analysis” that sheds light on how your
muscular system takes the form of your psychological

Not only does your body tell the world about your character,
your muscular holding patterns also keep YOU fixed in a
pattern of behavior consistent with it.

And if you want to get different (better) results in life, then
one of the first things you’ll need to do it get your body to
relax its tension and become more “motile”.

Remember, “form equals function.”

This area of body psychology has become a deep fascination
and area of tremendous study for me.

In fact, I have been working closely with a world renowned
experts in Bioenergtic Analysis for the past 10 months.

I don’t expect everyone who reads this newsletter to be as
excited about Bioenergetics, or what I call “Energetic Strength”
as I am.

So I will not make too much mention of here in the future.

But for those of you who, like me, are open to all means for
becoming stronger versions of ourselves, here is something
for you.

Click the player below to listen to an interview I conducted with
my mentor, Dr. Robert Glazer.

In the audio you will learn about my experience with this form
of body psychology, the history of Bioenergetics, and how you
can use some of the exercises I’ve taught you to break free from
habits that imprison the stronger you.

The ideas presented will shake the foundations of many peoples
lives, it will change the way you see yourself and how you go
about becoming stronger.

But be warned, the ideas are very controversial and may also
cause some people to become very uncomfortable.

Click the player below to listen to my interview with Dr. Glazer on

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Grow Stronger,
Elliot Hulse