Four Layers Of Strength (PDF)

The Four Layers Of Strength
A Blueprint For Building A Stronger You

by Elliott Hulse

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What If…. becoming The Strongest Version of Yourself meant building strength on many levels.

Maybe… there is more than one kind of strength.

Imagine… If becoming stronger meant more energy, more money, better sex and proud legacy.  The body you live in looks and preforms better than anyone could ever imagine, AND you use this gift to empower the lives of others.


What If…. getting stronger only had a fraction to do with how much weight you lift or how much food you eat.

Maybe… getting stronger, having more vitality and being happier has more to do with your character, physiology and service than your physical power.

Imagine… if you had become so strong that you life seemed to elevate from one magnificent success to another. you had everything you ever wanted and more. People admired and respected you. Wherever you went everyone would wonder… why is THAT guy so damn lucky?


What If…. everyone else focused on building only one part of their strength and became imbalanced while you focused on surpassing them.

Maybe… you can become transformed into a far more powerful person.  A person who exhibits strength in everything he does.  From lifting the heaviest barbells to being the most attractive, to having the strongest intellect.

Imagine… how your life might be different, better, than everyone else.  You would be focused on only things that make you stronger and matter the most to you.  Every waking moment of your life would be clear and concise.


What If…. it didn’t matter who you are today, what you have and don’t have.  even if you were severely handicapped… and you still decided to step out in faith begin working TODAY on becoming stronger.

Maybe… it doesn’t matter that your smaller, physically weaker, have a learning disability,  are too young, too old, are too poor, too black, too dumb, don’t speak well or were born without the normal function of your arms and legs.

Imagine… if you left all of the excuses about why you can not become the strongest version of yourself… for other people to worry about, and you did today, the very best that you could with everything that you DO have.


What If…. becoming stronger also had to do with your character structure, how efficiently your physiology supported your vitality, the balance and function of your muscular skeletal system and how well you related to other people.

Maybe… if you placed as much emphasis and effort on building THESE things, as on how well you press or squat barbells not only would you ultimately lift more but you’d also have more sexual vitality, focus and success.

Imagine… a version of yourself that was leaner, better looking, smarter, more attractive, more confident, more affluent and had enough to support everyone else around you.


What If…. all of this was incredibly achievable, and all you needed was a blueprint that showed you WHERE to focus your hard work, WHAT lifestyle choices would get you to your goals fastest, HOW to balance your training and life for maximum results

Maybe…. maybe THIS version of you would finally be in a position to operate with full personal honesty and admirable integrity.

Imagine… a YOU that embodied all that you believe to be right and true, a YOU that others look to for strength in their own lives while they are guided by your radiant light.


What If…. instead of strength being a destination, a thing we go after… strength was actually a journey, and Earl Nightingale was correct when he said “success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

Maybe…. “getting there” is not the point, but instead every single day of our lives is like a rung on a latter into a vast and infinite future containing more success, happiness and STRENGTH than we can even imagine.

Imagine… if on every rung of that ladder we discover more about ourselves, our true talents and faculties, and how we are only a tiny part of the magnificent story that humankind has been playing in for generations.


What If…. the quality of our strength began deep within the tiny cell structures of our bodies where no one, not even ourselves, could see its true potential, until put to the test.

Maybe… scientists were correct when they said every human being has enough energy in their tiny fingertip to power a large city with electricity for weeks – or – that regardless of all that we have accomplished thus far we have only been using 10% of true potential.

Imagine… if you begun to tap into the vast landscape of your mind and nervous system to uncover a form of strength that you didn’t even know existed… the type of strength that when developed gave you the confidence that you ARE becoming the strongest version of yourself.


What If…. by building your personal strength, you affected the strength of millions of people though out dozens of generations?

Maybe… a single word, an encouraging glance, or a simple pat on the back allowed YOUR strength to be shared with someone in need.

Imagine… if THAT person took the strength that you supported him with and used it to strengthen his family, and imagine if the strength that he shared with his child, which he got from you allowed that child to strengthen the lives of 10 million more.


What If…. if the strength of your nervous system, cardiovascular system and other biological systems worked together like a well oiled machine to give you the vitality to exceed all of your previous levels of achievement.

Maybe… the limits to our abilities are hidden from plain sight but in your awareness you can sense that you are not currently everything that you could be.

Imagine… if you understood how these systems worked and used all of your available resources to maximize the potential of each system, and each system worked to strengthen every other systems which allowed YOU to be the most full functioning organism in the world you live in.


What If…. you had become so strong and vital that you fulfill the Biblical promise that “your cup shall runeth over”… and you had so much vitality your resivour of energy for physical activity and sexuality was unlimited.

Maybe… if you worked daily on maximizing your potential in each of the 4 layers of strength that one day they would all work together perfectly leaving you to become the strongest, most vibrant, vital, sexually charged version of yourself.

Imagine… how other men and women would respond to you, imagine all of the good things you could do.


You Are… on the journey to a stronger you, weather you know it or not!

You Have… four layers of strength to develop, they are psycho somatic strength, physiological strength, physical strength and presentable.

You Can… maximize your strength in each and every one of these layers.


You Are… the physical embodiment of your emotional and psychological character.

You Have… a nervous system that is guided by your conscious and subconscious activities, which ALSO governs the way your posture and muscles work.

You Can… discover the deep character psychology that locks your body into physical patterns which support an outdated paradigm AND train systems of your body to support an newer, stronger version of yourself.


You Are… wearing, right now, a physical character structure that is limiting your bodies ability to express your full strength potential… this character is not the strongest you, it’s a version of yourself that you created for protection.

You Have… been carrying this character around for so long that you have come to believe that it is you… that you can’t change and you are “stuck” forever.

You Can… discover the psychological mechanisms that you have chosen to use that is creating your body and your future as we speak… and you can choose to free your muscular system from the tension that is holding you back.


You Are… physically animated by the muscles that move your bones and protect your organs.  these muscle respond to the conscious and subconscious commands that YOU give it.

You Have… both aggressive and passive tendencies which are expressed in the muscles of your body, but as your character structure is formed through your life’s experiences many of those muscles either lose their charge or become overly charged, which leads to muscular weakness or tightnesses.

You Can… work to discharge trapped emotion from some muscles, just like a child does when he throws a temper tantrum  — or recharge those which have become weak with activities like weight training and cardiovascular exercise.


You Are… a manifestation of the sum of all experiences you’ve had as a human being since the day you were born.

You Have… had experiences which mostly well-meaning authority figures have forced on you that has caused you to protect yourself with what famous psycho analyst called muscular body armor.  you created this body armor to protect yourself as a child but it has now become a prison where the stronger you is being incarcerated.

You Can… liberate the stronger you from the prison of this self-inflicted body-armoring so that your body will once again be free to feel, express, function to its fullest capacity in its physical, psychological, physiological and sexual performance.


You Are… a vibrant, vital and expressive being.

You Have… within you, everything that you need to manifest a life rich with joy, abundance and strength… when you’re physical body it free to express all that is within you… you have increased MOTILITY.

You Can… discover the trapped strength inside, release it from its old prison and revive the motility that you creator intended for you to express.


You Are… the sum total of the functioning of all your biological systems.

You Have… multiple biological systems that work together to give you strength, energy and vitality.

You Can… assess, discover and eradicate any imbalances in any of these systems on your journey of strength… and ALL of us on the journey have unique imbalances.


You Are… right now, functioning at a subconscious level, governed by your autonomic nervous system in more ways, through more systems than you can imagine..

You Have… a digestive system that is breaking down the foods you ate earlier, vascular system bringing oxygen and nutrition to every cell of your body, a nervous system that ushers electric currents throughout your body to keep if functioning, an endocrine system working to repair your muscles from yesterdays workout, and a reproductive system that is either creating millions of tiny gametes for reproduction OR supporting the growth of a human life within your body’s cavity.

You Can… learn to respect each of these systems for what they contribute, discover any inconsistencies within them and work to maximize their function to serve the whole.


You Are… the foods you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe.

You Have… biological systems dependent on vital nutrients and nourishment that if supplied give you vitality and strength… but if withheld shuts down your sexuality, creativity and strength abilities.

You Can… make choices about what you eat, drink and breath in order to maximize the functionality of all of your bodies systems.


You Are… today, the sum total of all the CHOICES you’ve made about how to care for your biological systems in a way that forces them to work in the most efficient and effective way possible.

You Have… no matter how old you are, the ability to NOW make new choices that will support a super strong, vibrant and vital YOU for years to come.

You Can… make choices about what you eat, drink and breath in order to maximize the functionality of all of your bodies systems.


You Are… physically strong and vital, to the degree that you are psychosomatically and physiologically strong… without a STRONG foundation, your physical strength will suffer.

You Have… multiple strength qualities to work on and express… you were born with some physical gifts and others which are weaknesses.  the ones that support you in your life and athletic goals should be maximized, while the impact given by the weak ones should be minimized.

You Can… choose or design physical exercise programs that maximize your physical gifts and potential while minimizing the effect of your weaknesses… every person should strive to create the most balanced athletic physique they possibly can.


You Are… meant to be strong, powerful and explosive… when your character structure, and all of your biological systems are working together to produce vitality and strength, your muscles will reflect the health and strength that resides inside.

You Have… the ability, right now, to become the strongest version of yourself for EVERYONE to see.  You carry your strength like a badge of honor built through the blood sweat and tears of challenging exercise.

You Can… choose to transcend all perceived and self inflicted weaknesses in your mind and body today!


You Are… part man, part animal.  Within you are all of the primal strength qualities that your ancestors used to navigate to rough terrain of this planet, with all of its challenges and predators.

You Have… strength to survive the most treacherous landscapes.  your body is a bioenergetic vessel that produces the strength, endurance and mobility to live in the most unforgiving environments.  exercising these strength qualities brings freedom to our bodies and quickens all of our talents and faculties.

You Can… train to become stronger, more agile, more mobile, more powerful, more explosive, leaner, muscular and more sexuality alive!


You Are… far more than the size and pressing capacity of your muscle.  your muscular system is covered with the most sensitive and sensual organ in your entire body and with it you experience all of the pleasure which life has to offer.

You Have… muscles that are first an expression of your character, which is directly affected by the health of your digestive and other biological systems… that finally gives you the strength to go after everything that you want in life an the sensuality to receive it while experiencing pleasure.

You Can… honor all strength and stability of your body WHILE also experiencing all of the pleasure that the senses of touch, smell and taste as well as the hormones that support them, have to offer.


You Are… a gift to the people in your life.  with every action, word or thought you are affect the lives of dozens… perhaps even dozens of dozens.

You Have… passions, gifts, talents and faculties that bring you joy when expressing… and bring joy to other you share them with.

You Can… live a resourceful life that is designed to not only build your own strength but support others on their journey of strength as well.


You Are… today, traveling on a particular stretch of your journey that is uncharted.. others may have passed through these lands, but they are brand new to you.

You Have… many experiences that brought you to this particular place in time… some of these experiences were joyful while others painful… but ALL of them have added to your strength… each experience has added to the YOU that you are today.

You Can… choose to learn from each experience, and in that way use each one as a stepping stone as you move closer to becoming the strongest version of you.


You Are… in a position right now, where you have had experiences and have some knowledge about the journey of strength…  there are others on the same journey who have not seen what you have seen and therefore do not have the strength that you have.

You Have… a moral obligation to support those people who are not yet aware of the things that you are aware of…  not everyone that you offer a helping hand to will accept it, but EVERYONE deserves to be told, by you, about the truths and principle you’ve discovered on your journey.

You Can… so orient your life as to become a messenger to those who thirst for your message, and choose to gird up their loins and renew their commitment to STRENGTH .


You Are… a leader, weather you know it or not.

You Have… people in your life, right now, who look to you for motivation and guidance in the way of strength.  they feed off of your passion, wisdom and enthusiasm… AND you get a sense of satisfaction by serving them… they are your children, your spouse, your co workers, you clients and cab driver… they know YOU and your strength which gives them confidence to find their own.

You Can… live up to their expectations by offering yourself as an example of what real STRENGTH is… in fact, if you value your short life here on Earth there is no other purpose greater than committing yourself to becoming the STRONGEST you and helping other people do the same.


What If… You have been chosen.

Maybe… you have a deep conviction that your life would be best spent working towards reaching your full potential and supporting others, though your motivation and example, to do the same thing.

Imagine… living a life of integrity… a life where what you believe and what you do are in alignment.  a life where the mission you have committed to is bigger than any single person… a life that becomes a legacy!


What If… someone told you that this life, this… legacy, that you so desire to build could be done and you could begin now.!

Maybe… you are not the only one… perhaps there are others who feel as strongly as you do about growing stronger.  some of which are behind you on the journey and in need of support, while others… who have been on this journey for a long time and have had several experiences are waiting to show you exactly how they navigated the road directly ahead of you today.

Imagine… dedicating your life to this process of Strength Building and moving forward TODAY with a blueprint and community working together on the same objective.


What If…  it is true that opportunity PLUS preparation really does equal LUCK.

Maybe… all of the time that you have been thinking about the things you heard in this video was preparation for your mind to recognize THIS opportunity.

Imagine… if THIS opportunity was brand new, and only being offered to a few serious and committed people.  And opportunity to explore the four layers of your strength, maximize your potential in each layer, become the strongest version of yourself and dedicate your life to helping others become the strongest version of themselves!


What If…  that opportunity was staring you right in the face… right now!

Maybe… you’d act like the bold explorers of old who, without a second thought, packed what they could carry and sold the rest… in order to experience the freedom and exhilaration of the road less traveled… the road that most people would not dare consider, while they sit fearfully on the sidelines of life.

Imagine… if you broke free from the bondage of fear and limitation and like Henry David Therou declared, “Move BOLDLY towards your dreams. Live the life of YOU’VE imagined!”


What If… you decided to be a part of the 5 percent?


What If…  the five percent was asking YOU to be a part of it?

What would you do?

Take The Next Step…

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