Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded – Elliott Hulse’s new book

This post is the ultimate video resource for information on Elliott Hulse’s new Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded program.

I figured that I’d just post all of the info about the program here for you to make a decision about weather this is the right program for you or not… happy viewing ;)

Hey, if you’re wondering how this all came about… this link takes you to “the creation story” (watch it and then come back for the videos below)


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  1. Hi Mike and Elliot,

    Just purchased your program today. My girlfriend and I are actually going to do it together. Not at the same time, but parallel to each other, I digress.

    Anyway just a few short questions, whose answers may be deep inside the many .pdf’s but in an effort to get this started tomorrow I was hoping you could help me with.

    1) Grocery list for the meal plan, does that exist?
    2) I can’t squat with a appreciable weight at the moment due to some movement issues I am working on. What would be a appropriate solution? Trap bar Deads anyone?

    Thanks guys!


  2. Post

    Thanks for joining Greg!

    Hmm? Grocery list.. that sounds like a good idea, i may create one soon, but for now just look at the meal plans and grab whats on there. good suggestion.

    i’d have to understand a little more about why you cant squat in order to give you suggestions, but trap deads are very similar in nature.

    good luck to you and your wife and keep me posted.

  3. Hey Mike & Elliott
    I really like everything you guys are saying about the lean hybrid muscles
    and I want to download it but the ideal of only having it on my computer to
    read is alittle bit inconvenient. Do you guys think you’ll ever make it into an actual book.

  4. Post

    yea, i gotta tell you that i rather read a real book too… i’ve been using a kindle lately an thats kinda cool. it turns out most people actually LIKE e books better (weird)

    but i think i may be creating some more hard copy stuff soon.


  5. Hi Elliot,

    Just a couple more questions, sorry to bother you!

    1) No Post Workout Nutrition Right – Just Eat To The Plan? ( I usually do 2 scoops PG Workout)
    2) For the Hybrid Circuits and Fat Loss Finishers can we switch out exercises with strong man and KB exercises? For example do 30:30 x 10 on snatches and On the circuit days maybe swap out the 100yd sprint with a heavy sled drag?
    3) The specialization days (abs not included) we just choose one, and we stick with that every time?



  6. Post

    1. Yep! Go ahead and use your protein shake at that time.

    2. Yep! That sounds badass

    3. You can switch em from week to week if you want… its up to you.

    Good Luck!!

  7. Elliott, quick question on the nutrition section, as long as I’m taking BCAA’s throughout the day while fasting is it okay to have a lifting session that night? or is it best to avoid? thanks.


  8. Post

    actually, i have been training pretty hard and heavy on the mornings of my fast days lately… so give it a try and see if this works for you!

  9. Hey Mike and Elliott!

    Purchased LHMR when you first offered it and I’ve been adjusting to the diet this week and I’m stoked to starting training HARD next week!

    I’ve already seen a difference just with the diet so I can’t wait to implement the diet too!

    I’ve linked the program on my blog and I’m going to be tracking my progress with daily posts and weekly pictures. I respect your work and what you’ve created and I want to let you know I WILL NOT be sharing the program specifics with my subscribers.

    Thanks again!

    Defy The Odds Fitness

  10. Post
  11. Purchased your gridiron strongman. Love it. Especially your take on Olympic Lifting. Having hurt myself in college doing cleans and understanding as a coach what it takes for athletes to master this lift, I am in full agreement.

    Anywho, I did have an issue with your rec’s on Meal Replacement Shakes. After having spent a few years in the supplement industry, Muscle Milk is one of the worst shakes out there. Hidden MSG and lots of fillers. It’s a glorified milk shake. And with your push on organic products, I was surprised by this rec. Myoplex is not much better. As far as Whey is concerned, Garden of Life or Jay Robb make the cleanest product out there. ON also has an all natural whey.

    That’s all. Otherwise everything was spot on. Good job.

  12. Yo Elliott,
    How the hell are ya?
    Quick question on LHMR…
    On Phase 1, Day 6, “Upper Body Specialization” it says:
    ARM Specialization
    a. Standing Reverse Grip EZ bar curls
    5 sets of 7 reps
    b. Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curls
    10 sets of 12 reps
    c. Preacher Bench Curls
    Rest 2 minutes, repeat this circuit 1 more time.

    Would you explain how to go about this? Sorry…I’m having a hard time picturing how to put this together (5 sets on a, 10 on b, and how many on c? …and then repeat…for a total 10 sets on a, 20 on b, and ? on c)?

    Mastermind Group Member!

  13. YO Elliot!
    I like your diet idea, but has anyone tried besides yourself?
    if so what was their results?
    I have 5 weeks til summer and wouldn’t mind cutting up a bit and continuing this diet throughout the summer..IF the 5 weeks are successful.
    Im a college football player who also knows about bodybuilding techniques (bulk/cut phases) and wouldnt mind being lean and strong at a good weight.

  14. Hey mate, just wondering are the portion sizes estimates like carbs for this meal the size of your fist and protein the size of palm of hand? Or do you have to calorie count?

    And what do you recommend to have post workout? Is it in your program?

    Thanks for the great posts

  15. I have a question. What should I eat in the fourth day (Wednesday)? What tipe os foods ? Because like you said, I should eat only 24 hours after me last meal, but you didn`t said what tipe of foods should I eat, for example: lowcarbo/high carbo, high fat/low fat or high protein/low protein. And how much should I eat on that day.

    Another question is how much proteion/carbo/fat shoud I consume per kg on each of those days…..thanks!

  16. Far from a computer wizz kid here,
    where on this website can you purchase the four components for lean hybrid muscle?

  17. Hey Elliott
    The LHMR system looks promising and you seem to be an honest sincere trainer, i want to try it but i have few questions:

    I am a beginner, can i start right away with this system or shall i train for a certain period before starting
    Does the system walk through all training stages (beginners – intermediate – advanced(professional)) for strenght training
    i am 187cm, i was 118 but now i am 106Kgs shall i loss more weight or can i start right away

  18. Elliot,

    During your fat loading days and carb loading days what does your calorie intake look like do you just not care and only focus on the amount of fat or carbs are in a product as opposed to how many calories or do I want to try and keep my calories relitivly high while getting them from either carbs or fats depending on the day that im on.

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