Lose Yourself To Find Yourself

One thing that is absolutely frowned upon and rejected in our society is to lose your mind.

We are told to follow directions, do as we are told and obey all the rules.

Our head becomes a trap that we cannot escape anymore.

The only thing we know becomes our logical and rational experience where we try figure out life by thinking about it.

But life simply can’t be figured out by only going to the head brain.

How can you figure out love, compassion, fear, sadness or frustration?

You can’t figure them out and you don’t have to.

The only thing you have to do is to deeply feel and express these emotions IN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT.

Losing our minds and letting all of our suppressed emotions flow in an environment where there is:

  • No judgement upon us expressing these emotions to their absolute fullest
  • Guidance by experienced humans that are deeply in touch with their own emotions, so that they can hold space for the one’s just starting out on their inspired path
  • Like-minded (or should I say like-souled?) individuals that are BEING their truest self and discovering a whole new world of emotional freedom

This is my intention for the Grounding Camps that I host. It is not only a cleansing of your body-mind-soul, but also a maintenance of healthy emotional self-expression.

So no matter if you are already one of our over 1,000 seasoned Campers or just considering joining us for this amazing experience:

I hereby invite you to join my Texas Grounding Camp in January 2018. Click here to get to know all the information about it and register for it.

I look forward to becoming a more authentic version together.