People who lift, love pain.

We know that the ONLY way to get the gains… is to FEEL the pains. 

Right now I am on the gains train at the gym, lifting like a madman… once again.

In my new YouTube video you’ll see me lifting stones for the first time since I tore my right biceps in 2015.

For the last 2 years I have been recovering from two challenging injuries…. a torn right biceps, and I also tore my right achilles tendon in October 2016 (1 year ago).

I practiced yoga daily, and I did lots of walking.

Since spring, I have been slowly and silently building my strength back.

My strongman workout with Sarah on Saturday was monumental, and so was the video. 

I know what it’s like to be down, with an injury, and in life… but I also know that what goes down, MUST come up.

I am on a my NEW come-up… in the gym, and in entrepreneurship. 

Building Strength Camp gym was a tough 10-year journey, with lots of pain.

The struggles have brought me new strengths, and I have more wisdom because of the experience.

Now I want to share my wisdom, on how to build a profitable warehouse gym business with you.

If you want the freedom and pride of owning a business, that helps people become the Strongest Version Of Themselves, stay tuned…

I created a free business training course, which will solve all of the pains of starting a gym – making your journey a little easier than mine :)

More details coming soon.

If you just like physical pain… then just watch my video again for the best demonstration on how to inflict PAIN, to get them gains.

It FEELS so good.

Keep Growing Stronger,
E Hulse

PS – if you haven’t seen my new video on my Strength Camp YouTube channel, you can see it here.