The “Luck Factor” (in strength & success)

Back in 2003 I bought my first “personal development” CD course.

It was a 12 CD program by Brain Tracey called “The Luck Factor”.

It was all about how some people seem to get all the breaks in life, while others seem to always have bad luck.

The major point in the course was, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LUCK!

He pointed out that the people who always seem to have good luck were the same people who invested in their future.

He said that these people had “Long-Time Perspective.”

Unlike the people with bad luck, who always looked for short cuts or quick results…

The people with good luck would INVEST NOW in order to see a return in the future.

“Short term pain, for long term gain!”

Brain went on to explain that people, like you and I, who invest in our futures, are in The REAL 1%.

I know this is true since I invest thousands of dollars a month on my education (not including “rip-off” college loans).

For example, this month I have already spent over $300 buying books on the Amazon website, and over $850 on mentorship and a distance learning course about Functional Health.

I know you are also like me… especially if you are SERIOUS about the “strength game” and not just your typical thrill seeker trying to get fast results.

Today I’ll be meeting with a few of our members at the first ever STRENGTHOLOGY Level 1 course.

I’m excited to share my personal methods for developing superior physical strength, with these students.

One of the first things we’ll be doing this morning is participating in a workshop with a doctor who I call “The Secret Weapon”.

He is going to teach the students the most important key to identifying and correcting “Muscle Viruses”.

This method is so powerful that I have totally changed the way I train because of it.

His technique has helped me gain at least 15% more strength, while training LESS and recovering faster!

Even if you are not here today to learn about it…

I have some good news for you.

I will be recording “The Secret Weapon’s” lecture and demonstrations!

If you have already invested in either the STRENGHOLOGY 101 home-study course or The Muscle Virus SolutionI will send you the new video early next week.

If you have NOT invested yet, and would like to get a copy of this new video update featuring The Secret Weapon, your best bet is to
start with The Muscle Virus Solution.

Here is the link:

Also, I will be re-filming several of the videos in The Muscle Virus Solution & STRENGTHOLOGY 101 in the next few weeks.

So all of those updates will get sent to you also, as well as an option to get the “hard copy” DVD and book version for free.

Once all of these updates have been made the cost of these courses may go up (I’m not sure yet). But if you want avoid any price hikes you might want to hop on this today.

The difference between YOU and those other athletes, coaches and trainers who always seem to have “bad luck” is that YOU understand what it takes to be in the real 1%.

It begins here –

And it continues when you join us for the next live Level 1 course coming soon!

Looking forward to meeting you also :)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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