The Luck Muscle (how to make it stronger)

During my first year as a personal trainer in Florida,
I would travel over two hours a day to work at the
corporate gym.
But, instead of whining about traffic or listening to some
stupid morning show…

…I purchased a CD program titled “The Luck Factor”
by Brian Tracy and listened to it on my drive.

This 12 disc CD program remained in my car stereo
on repeat for almost an entire year.

I listened to the course over, and over, and over again.

At one point I could recite the entire course along with
the author.

To say that the lessons that I discovered in that course
had a profound impact on my character is an under-

Amongst the dozens of powerful lessons that I learned
in the course was one that I still practice today.

I believe it was on disc #3 where the author taught me
that the fastest way to achieve the relative success of
someone you admire…

…is to do, read and practice everything that person
does, until you get similar results as him.

I learned this lesson almost 7 years ago, and I still
practice it today.

When I find someone with a skill, result or knowledge
that I’d like to discover for myself…

…I read everything they publish, listen to every lecture
they’ve recoded and attend any events they hold.

I even have gone as far as hiring some of these folks
as my personal mentors (today I have 2 that I still work

One of the most powerful things that I’ve come to
realize in only the past several months is…

…in the same way that the CD course I listened to on
my daily commutes changed my life.

And in the same way that the mentors I have chosen
to advise me on my journey of “growing stronger”…

…I have, and continue to, support thousands of young,
old, men and women with my YouTube videos which
offer my ideas on fitness and life philosophy.

And now I feel that it is my responsibility to take my
service to you to the next level.

That is why I created The Yo! Elliott Live Workshop
in New York this December.

It’s my turn to “give back”.

And this event is one of the first attempts I’ll be making
in this new direction with my business.

This workshop is all about YOU.

As you will learn on the website below, I want to share
the best of my ideas, philosophies, advice and experience
on the journey of Growing Stronger with you.


You will also see on the website that I am not looking to
pose as a “guru” or create any powerful revolutions.

Personally I’ve outgrown all ideas of that sort.

All I would like to offer you is my unique brand of hard
core, entertaining, thought-provoking and sometimes
crude mentoring.

It’s going to be a great event, and I’m looking forward to
finally meeting you face to face :)


Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – here is another live event that I’ll be speaking at in
2013 http://agogefit.com/mentalmeatheads/



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  1. hi I was watching a video and I basically thought of this idea that your videos are brilliant, but the answers to videos and others you make are sought of out of order, or rather, theres no nice way to make it easy to follow. So perhaps an idea would be to maybe as you doing with this workshops, start from a basis, and almost do chapters or sections. So maybe the first would be explaining how the body links to the mind, etc.

    but other than that thanks for great work. much appreciated. Cape Town South Africa

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