Mad Updates >:\

When I say “mad” updates…

I don’t actually mean mad as in angry.

I mean “mad” as in A LOT.

Back in 1997, when I graduated high school, we
used to say stuff like…

“Reggie Miller be throwing up MAD 3 pointers yo!”

Now-a-days I usually have to search the Urban Dictionary
website to know that kids are talking about.

For example, I just looked up the terms “yolo” and
“gangnam style”. If you don’t know what these terms
mean… you’re probably as old and lame as I am.

Go look it up.

Okay, onto the first of my mad updates:

1. I’m looking for an apprentice, who has mad literary and
writing skills. This is an opportunity that I wish someone
offered me 5 years ago.

2. My buddy Mike Westerdal just published this e book all
about BIG bench pressing. It outlines a pretty solid power-
building program that includes an awesome “partials” technique
that I’ll be reintroducing to my workouts next month.

Here is a review video I did about it also.

3. This is unrelated to fitness, but I’ve created a new YouTube
and Facebook Group dedicated to helping other experts and
entrepreneurs build online businesses, like mine :)

Its all for free… but one student decided to repay me and add
to the group by designing this badass t-shirt.

4. I’ve decided to grow back my hair since shaving my head
bald for the past 10 years.

I’m rockin’ what they call a “fo-hawk”. I believe that term is
a combination of Fake and Mohawk (gonna go check Urban
Dictionary to make sure though).

Okay, that’s it… I’m getting ready for a fun weekend. Its my
wife’s birthday and I’ve got some fun stuff lined up for us to
do. — So, I’ll check ya next week.

Grow MAD Strong,
Elliott Hulse

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