My major failure followed by biggest success

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Its been a bit since I’ve spilled all my thoughts, events and experiences out on my blog.

This is LONG overdue.

I think the best way for us to catch up with one another would be if I shared a timeline dating back to a major life event I experienced on October 29th (about four months ago).

First, I was in Amsterdam visiting my friend Eelco DeBoer.  Eeclo runs a successful business coaching program there, and he asked me to come speak at his event.  Eelco is a super smart and friendly dude, if you’re an entrepreneur living near Amsterdam be sure to look him up.

While in Amsterdam I also had the pleasure of being interviewed by these two brothers who were inspired to heal themselves from stuttering after watching some of my videos on bioenergetics.

Later that week I gave, what I believe to be, one of my best interviews of recent times.  Because I don’t make videos so much anymore I’m kinda rusty when it comes to expressing my ideas in a spontaneous way, but I felt so much love and comfort around these four young men (who call themselves “4yourSELF” – that the words were just flowing.  You also get the bonus of hearing from my wife Colleen in the video. Click here to watch the video:

On October 29th, I decided to hold a little Active Meditation meet-up on my last day in Amsterdam.

We had about 190 powerful young men, and a few strong women, join us at private location early that morning.

Within about five minutes of starting the event, I stepped on someone’s foot and rolled my ankle… tearing my achilles tendon.

To say I was shocked is an understatement.  After realizing what happened I hobbled over to Colleen and told her “I’m pretty sure I’ve torn my achilles tendon.”  After the look of shock disappeared from her face she raised her right hand to give me a high-5, and said “No problem, you’ve got this!”

I walked back out onto the floor and continued teaching for the entire four hour event, and I stayed an extra two hours to take pictures with friends and fans. 

Screenshot 2017-03-04 10.23.32

The next day Colleen walked slowly by my side as I limped though the airport for a full day’s travel back home for what was the most important week of my career.

Three days after returning from Amsterdam with a completely ruptured right achilles tendon, myself and The Strength Camp Staff held our biggest event ever… The Strength Camp World Summit & Strength Camp Challenge.

We hosted over 1,000 guests in Tampa that weekend, including CT Fletcher, Brandon Carter and a few of my other YouTube friends for The Challenge.

We also held the first Strength Camp Clinic since 2014 with over 100 guests at our new gym.

We also held the first Strength Camp Business Seminar where we had about 30 applicants ready to join Strength Camp’s biggest campaign to date.

Finally, we also held a Grow Stronger Experience where myself and a few of my expert friends taught topics related to The Four Layer Of Strength.  I taught the section on Energetic Strength and Life Mastery.

All this… on one leg.


If you’re curious why I’ve been absent from social media the last few months, well… its because I’ve been recovering from all of this.  Not to mention my month long visit to Berlin in January, and my first Grounding Camp in California last weekend.

Now that some of the dust is settling I have a moment to catch up with ya!

For someone as high-flying and energetic as I am, these last few months have brought me more humility and have grounded me in more lessons about myself and life than I thought was possible.

In the next post I’ll tell you more about the craziness that ensued during the Strength Camp World Summit, and what it was like to be on crutches for six weeks.  There are also a few other major lessons I learned, and people I met in Amsterdam that I’ll tell you about also.

In following posts I’ll get you up-to-date on why I was in Berlin for a month, what’s going on with Grounding Camp and everything that’s budding this spring.  There is so much to share.