Old man jumps 48″

If you’ve been reading my newsletter for some time,
you have no doubt heard about my super human uncle.

He’s the guy who taught me how to train when I was
only 4 yrs old.

At that time he was a black belt in Kung-Fu, marathon
runner, bodybuilder and gymnast!

Several year later he taught me and my brothers how to
strength train for football.

Today, he is creeping towards almost 60 years old… and
he can still train harder than most 20 year olds.

Here is a pic of him jumping onto a 48″ box!

As you can see, he is still quite a badass.

That is why I go to him FIRST whenever I have questions
about bodybuilding or performance.

He is like the old sage in the martial arts movies who sits
quietly and teaches his students…

…but can hop up in a flash and kick everyone’s ass without
a second thought :)

Anyway, today I am super proud to announce that my
Uncle Elroy has just released his first e-book.

It’s called Reset Fat Loss and it teaches you his methods for
growing stronger well into your senior seasons.

Unlike many of the books I recommend, I don’t earn a
commission when you invest in my uncle’s book.

Helping him create and promote his message of strength and
vitality for people over the age of 40 is my way of showing
him how thankful I am for teaching me everything I know.

Even if you are not yet 40 years old, but would like to also
show some love to the man who’s been my inspiration since
the age of 4…

…then I invite you to invest in his book too.

It may also be a great Christmas present for someone you

All the information is here: http://resetfatloss.com/

Thank you!

And Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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