Are You A MASTER? (or a servant)

A “Master” is someone who has become so efficient
at a particular craft or art that they have literally
“become one” with it.

When a master loses himself in his craft, it is almost
like he is not actually doing the thing…

…it seems that some supernatural force engulfs him
and takes over the movements.

This is evident when watching the Olympic athletes,
especially the gymnasts and dancers.

They have “mastered” the activity to such a degree
that they no longer think about what they are doing,
their bodies just do it.

Some people call this “the zone”.

You can choose any activity to lose yourself in, and
become a MASTER.

There are master musicians, master carpenters, master
mechanics, master archers, master salesmen, master
weight lifters and master cooks.

There are masters walking amongst us at every moment
of everyday.

I remember as a kid I would often have dinner over at
my neighbors house.

On Saturdays his dad would cook dinner for the entire
family as well as me and my younger brothers when we

He would begin cooking around noon.

It was a strange sight to watch this man cook.

He literally went into a sort of “possession”… it was like
he lost his mind and became a different man for just a
few hours.

He would move rapidly around the kitchen filling pots
and pans with raw food to prepare.

He would dash all types of seasonings and salts on the
food like a madman.

Sometimes he would complete an entire dish, take one
taste and throw the entire thing away!

I asked him why he would do such a thing, and he would
answer…. “It’s just not right!”

Here is a man throwing away an entire dish of food. Food
that was perfectly edible.

But because it was not “perfect”, he would refuse to serve

This man was not just a cook, he was an artist.

He was a MASTER at the preparation of food.

And there is no doubt that he created some of the most
delicious meals I have ever eaten.

What will you choose to master in your lifetime?

What skill can you pour yourself into fully?

An activity that you love so much that you literally die to
yourself and awaken in the activity for the moment?

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Hey elliot! first of all allow me the chance to thank you. ive been hooked on ur vids ever since i found them and uve been a great help to me on my quest to wholistic and allround development. uve even introduced me to sum concepts i didnt even kno existed. my question to u concerns reading material. what books would u recommend to someone who wud like to learn about muscles imbalances and muscle virusses and correcting them? ive tried researching anatomy and physiology but a lot of the books dont deal specifically with what im looking for. thank you in advance for ur answer and have a nice day :)

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