Meet Elliott In New Jersey (register here)

If I had a nickle for every time someone asks me, “Elliott,
when are you coming HERE for a workshop or seminar?”

I’d have enough money to buy my own grass-fed beef & dairy
farm :)

Well, I’ll finally be visiting the North East for all you Yankees
who are too lazy to fly down south and meet me at my own gym.

My buddy Zach Even-Esh has put together a panel of speakers
for his Underground Strength Conference in June, and asked me
to join him.

I’ll be talking mostly about The Four Layers Of Strength, and
how to apply it for becoming the strongest version of yourself and
helping your friends, family and clients do the same thing!

I may also share some of my new training methods that I’ve been
calling “The Grow Stronger Method”.

So, the bottom line… if you like the stuff that I talk about in my
videos or in this newsletter, then you’ll want to be at Zach’s
conference in June.

For some of you it will be an opportunity to ask me strength
questions and get an immediate answer (it’s like Yo Elliott LIVE).

For others it will finally answer the question, “Is this Elliott guy
for real?”

Here is the link to register for The Underground Conference.


I do NOT earn a commission ($) if you register for Zach’s Conference
at the link above.

The reason why I am inviting you to register is because I genuinely
like Zach and am excited to helping him with this conference.

Also, I am genuinely excited to meet you guys who have been
reading my newsletter and watching my videos.

I really appreciate you and think it would be cool to actually
shake your hand!

See you here:

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – Tomorrow I’ll have something related to getting “Abs” for
the summertime for you.

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