Meet The Masters Of Strength

Since the dawn of humanity, wise men have always
sought the counsel of wise men…

…this is precisely WHY they all became wise men!

Arnold Schwarzenegger studied Reg Park.

Bruce Lee studied Yip Man.

Plato studied Socrates.

Elliott Hulse studies Paul Chek.

Although Hulse and Chek don’t have the same ring as
Plato and Socrates, the point is still the same ;)

In order for me to grow stronger I seek out the mentorship
of men, like Paul, who can offer me a great insight and
support on my journey.

In this way I personally grow strong enough to share my
strength with other aspiring, young people who will ultimately
do the same.

Thus fulfilling the mission of… “Growing Stronger and
Inspiring Others.”

Right now I am sitting in an airport tapping on these keys to
bring you a quick glimpse into the LIFE TRANSFORMING
weekend I just experienced.

In the past 72 hours I have met and shared my “strength” with
about 50 of my brothers and sisters on the journey of Growing
Stronger at my “Yo Elliott” Live event in San Diego.

Yo Elliott Live San Diego 2013

Yo Elliott Live San Diego 2013

I was also afforded the magnificent opportunity to meet with
and absorb the wisdom of one of my most influential mentors,
Paul Chek.

Paul Chek and Elliott Hulse

Paul Chek and Elliott Hulse

Anyway, my head is spinning and I am short on sleep so I’ll
wrap up this message by informing you that I’ve got HOUR
upon HOUR of amazing footage from this weekend that I’ll
be uploading for you to watch for free on YouTube.

I’ll keep you posted on when the videos of both me and my
students… and me and my master, are ready for you to watch.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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