Minimalist Training (workouts)

On Saturday I promised to hit you up with some
of the minimalist workouts that I learned from
Jason Ferruggia.

My e mail was acting funky yesterday so I didn’t
get a chance to send it to you.

But have no fear… the missing workouts are here!

First, both Jason and I own small warehouse-type
gyms that contain very few pieces of training

We stick to the bare essentials.

Barbells, racks, plates and some gymnastic equipment.

Here is a sample workout that we ran though using
this minimalist set up.

1. Dead lifts 6 x 3
2. Ring Dips 3 x 10
3. Planks 1 set to failure

Simple, right?

But highly effective.

Consider that with only 3 exercises we hit the entire
body… heavy and hard.

Here is another minimalist workout.

1. Hang Cleans 5 x 5
2. Over Head Press 3 x 8
3. Bear Crawls 6 sets of 100 feet

This minimalist method is very similar to what I have
been doing to prepare for my strongman competitions
this year.

I often take a single event, like stone loading, and work
it for the entire training session. Sometimes I’ll add stuff
like box jumps and core wheel just to mix it up.

But it’s just that simple.

Jason was cool enough to put his Minimalist Training
program on sale for me to share with my readers this week.

He promised to leave the site up for the weekend (and today
is monday), so I’m not sure when he’ll take it down… so head
over to the site below if you’re interested.

Keep Growing Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – Here is a video of me busting out a minimalist
workout :)

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