Super Muscle Growth With Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Training Tip For More Growth Hormone Release
By Jeff Anderson “The Muscle Nerd”

Bodybuilding Training Tip For More Growth Hormone Release

More growth hormone (GH) = more MUSCLE, right?

It’s a known fact that anyone looking to build more muscle mass must address your body’s natural “hormone factory” to see some real gains in size.

But different hormones are stimulated in different ways.

Here’s a cool (and SIMPLE!) “Quick Tip” to add to your next workout to raise GH naturally and kick start some KILLER MASS…

“Quick Tip” For Skyrocketing GH..

On your very LAST SET of each exercise, when you know that you have 2 REPS left in you…

…DON’T take them!

Instead, bring the weight to the PEAK CONTRACTION POINT or “flexed” position (e.g.- for bicep curls, it would be the “up” position) and hold the weight while flexing your targeted muscle.

Your goal is to hold this flexing for 20 SECONDS (called “static contraction) before slowly letting the weight down.

This is going to burn like HELL…

…and that’s EXACTLY what you’re looking for!

Why This Works…

That “burn” you feel is your body’s natural “lactic acid response”.

When lactic acid is triggered in the body, it sends a signal to your endocrine system to release growth hormone as a “recovery aid”.

And that GH release is a powerful mass-building chemical in your body and your gains will SOAR!

Note: Do this for no more than 1 EXERCISE per body part in your workouts for 1 WEEK. Skip a week before doing it again.

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