How to build more MYOFIBRILLAR Muscle

Here is a question from one of our friends who is getting
great results using my Grow Stronger Method.

Thanks Cormac!

Yea, most people start breaking all kinds of records in the
gym when they cut back on the volume and focus mainly
on intensity.

That is how my Grow Stronger Method works.

I purposefully created the program to help you gain strength
with the minimal effective dose.

This way you can increase your lifts, without becoming overly
sore, burning out your CNS, or spending 2 hours in the gym.

You ask about increasing the volume of work done in order to
stimulate myofibrillar hypertrophy, once you have reached your
target body weight.

First, the very nature of myofibrillar muscle growth calls for
high intensities… just like we use in The GSM.

When you’re lifting weights as heavy as we are, you’re going to
have to drop your volume down.

That is why we never do more that 10 reps total for our primary

In this way your body will tend to add more “myofibrils” to your
myocytes or muscle cells.

These fibers add DENSITY to your muscles, which makes
them look and feel harder.

Unlike sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, where the fluids within the
muscle increases making you look “swole”….

…myofibrillar hypertrophy will create an effect where you’ll look
leaner and more dense.

Think about the muscles of an Olympic Gymnast or Wrestler
as what you can expect from myofibrillar hypertrophy…

…and the muscle bulk and size of a modern bodybuilder as what
you can expect from a high volume, low intensity program that
creates sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

So, as you reach your body weight goal the best thing for you to
do is STICK with the plan…

…but always be adding MORE WEIGHT to the bar.
(Growing Stronger!)

I’ll be creating a new “auxiliary” GSM in the coming months that
is tailored to “muscle specific” growth, for guys who want to perfect
the shape of their muscles for aesthetics purposes.

Basically that program will have you follow the same parameters
as the base GSM system, but add multiple bodyparts per workout.

For example…

Biceps Curls for 3×3, 5×2, etc. etc.

But for now, keep on GROWING STRONGER.

And keep dropping fat with your diet and cardio plan.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Elliott I figured out that the best way to contact you is through your blog.
    Elliott please tell me where do you get all the ideas and creativity for your online business.I am asking you this because I just made life death decision of leaving UK where I lived and worked for the past 8 years.I am going to my home country,I already started building my blog using information that you provided me in one of your courses(warehouse gym and the one after this one and passion cash) but I really wonder where what’s your secret because stuff that you do is truly amazing and as I remember you from your beginings you changed 180 degrees.Is it HOLYSYNC that makes u more creative or what is it ?:)I mean I know you studied a lot but at the very begining when you’ve had very little money you still made products and wrote great posts.Any advice you can give me will be very very much appreciated.
    Your friend Pawel.

  2. This has nothing to do with this post, just don’t know where else to contact you. I just wanted to know you thoughts on dating and saving yourself for marriage. Just curious to see where you stand on the issue. Hope to see a video on it!

  3. Yo Elliot,
    I have genetically strong and powerful legs, but during endurance sports such as lacrosse, they seem to get tired quickly while my heart rate and cardiovascular system seem only slightly taxed. I was wondering if you could give me any training ideas to help my legs develop “type 3” muscle fibers so I can maintain strength/power, but also increase muscular endurance.

  4. Post

    Hi Pawel,

    Yea, sometimes I can be hard to reach, thanks for posting :)

    I think if I had a “secret” it is COURAGEOUSNESS, which is much different than fearlessness.

    I get scared like everyone else, but I just do it anyway. That is why it looks like I do so much more than others… its because while others are “thinking” about doing something, I’ve already done it :)

    Best of luck in your ventures!

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