mouth full of nasty LIES

Some foods are just plain old bad for you, and everyone
knows it.

It’s well agreed that shit like cupcakes, fast food and even
white bread can make you fat, sick and stupid.

But whats even worse are…

…foods that are DISGUISED as healthy.

Back around the time of the first World War the food
industries began processing and artificially preserving

They would try to sell these food products to the public,
but people knew something was wrong.

The public took one look at these dull, ugly looking
processed, preserved and packaged food products and
rejected them.

So the food manufacturers hired a team of sneaky marketers
to “trick” the public into thinking this crap was actually
good for them!

They would put the gray, lifeless foods into a box that had
a picture of what beautiful, vital and life-enhancing foods
are contained within.


And we (the public) are so stupid that we took the bait… we
bought the shit-in-a-box just because there was a pretty
picture on it.

But some people were smart enough to see that the food
inside the box looked nothing like the food inside the box,
so they stopped buying it.

This is where the food manufacturers got REALLY SLICK.

They would add chemicals to the actual foods to make them
look like they were healthy. They added dies and stuff to
make the dead food look alive and nutritious.

And even today they do this.

Especially with this particular food.

This crap is so bad for you on so many levels that it should
be a crime to sell it.

I am often shocked to my core when I speak with people and
they still don’t know how crappy it is for them.

They think that just because it LOOKS healthy, and because
the talking-heads on television tells you it’s healthy that is
actually is.

Next time you take a bite of this so-called health food,
remember that you have a mouth full of LIES.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – if you can’ tell… this kind of stuff pisses me off. So I’m
glad that glad that Mike Geary wrote this book covering over
100 foods that are actually life-giving and anti-aging. <– here



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