The GHOST in your muscles

I’m uploading a video to my “Elliott Said What?” YouTube
channel as we speak. If you don’t know, this is the channel
is where I upload some of my philosophical and psychological
ideas about Growing Stronger.

Anyway, in the video I answer the question…

“Elliott, how did you become so “charismatic”?

Like I often do, I took a quasi-scientific / poetic position in my

Basically, the main point I wanted to share with viewers about
why I seem to be so charismatic when speaking, is this…

…we have three brains.

In the scientific community, these three brains are called The
Neo-Cortex, The Cortex, and The Medulla (brain stem). They
also might refer to these brains as The Neo-Mammallian,
Mammalian and, Reptilian.

In the psychological community they can be referred to as
The Super-Ego, The Ego and The Id.

I have personally referred the the idea of these three brains
as The Head, The Heart, and The Balls… respectively.

In the Christian church they consider that there is a “Trinity”
that animates the world we live in, they call it The Father,
The Son, and The Holy Ghost.

So, here is a simplification of the idea:

Neo-Cortex = Super Ego = Head Brain = The Father

Cortex = The Ego = The Heart = The Son

Medulla = The Id = The Balls = The Holy Ghost

For the sake of this e mail, we are just going to talk about
the Medulla / Holy Ghost.

If you consider that the entire peripheral nervous system, is
an extension of The Medulla you’ll see how it animates
everything within our bodies that we don’t have to think about.


The Medulla / Brain Stem / Peripheral Nervous System is
the part of our brain that beats our hearts, digests our food,
grows our hair, replaces cells, etc WITHOUT the “head brain”
helping it.

It acts like a “GHOST” in your body.

You can’t see it doing its thing, but you know that it is there
because everything gets done.

Since this “ghostly” branch of the nervous system innervates
all of our organs and muscles… it animates all of the things
in our BODY.

Okay, back to “charisma” and “muscles”….

When you see me speaking charismatically in my videos and
at my Yo Elliott Live Events, you’ll notice that my body is
moving all over the place.

I talk with my hands, I mangle my face, I rock side to side.

When I speak, I am literally embodying all of my words.

The words I speak with you come from my HEART and
BALLS (medulla). Just like the “holy ghost”, I don’t think
about what I am going to say… I just let it happen.

There is no thinking or precognition to my answers. This is
why I often come across as very authentic and genuine.

When I speak, it is with my body.

I don’t just give you “head brain” ideas for you to think about,
I give you what my heart and soul feels you need to hear!

And that is what makes the Yo Elliott Live Events so fun and
enlightening. Neither you nor I ever know what is going to
happen, or what I might say.

The entire event is about you gaining perspective on Growing
Stronger… with ideas straight from Elliott’s heart.

The next event is in San Diego on February 16th:


I hope to meet you there!

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – there are still about 40 seats left, but they’re going fast.
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