Muscle Sucking Parasites Live In Your Body

I am often called a “quack” or “charleton” by
other fitness professionals whenever I speak out

There seems to be a plot by the medical establishment
to keep us ignorant of the fact that intestinal parasites
are the root cause for many illness…

…including weight gain (fat), low testosterone and
joint pain.

I first started looking into the idea that parasites may
be the root cause of illness, obesity, lack of performance
and slow muscle gains…

…back in 2004 when I discovered that my digestive
system had been infected.

I was suffering from horrible rashes, insomnia,
low energy and gas (I was farting all the time).

Then I read this book that shed light on the possibility
that my symptoms may be related to a hidden
stomach infection.

After getting tested… it turned out that the book was
right. I had contracted H-Pylori.

Today I am free from the infection because of some
lifestyle changes I made, and some herbs I took.

But I was shocked to learn that MILLIONS of other
people may also be infected by parasites, and never
find out.

They just live with poor results, weakness and pain.

Look… it is not my purpose to scare you.

But I think you should know this stuff… especially
if you’re trying to become The Strongest Version Of

Here is a link to a website that will teach you more
about parasitic infections and how it may be
destroying your gains.


The book that is given for free on the website is the
same one I read almost 10 years ago when I discovered
that I was infected.

Even if you don’t get the free book, I’d like you to
read the website and do your own research.

This is a VERY important topic, and you need to really
look into it.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Hi Elliott,

    I just got rid of h.pylori about a month ago. I used matula tea and mastic gum. How long did it take you get feel back to normal again?

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