Muscle Virus Case Study

Yesterday I got a really great question concerning a woman who has been plagued muscle viruses in her hip.

She accurately described her muscle imbalances as “muscle viruses” since the imbalance had not only caused dysfunction in the affected area, but also in neighboring joints via the kinetic chain.

Here is a portion of our conversation from yesterday.

Like with all muscle viruses Jacqueline’s problems began with her deep abdominal wall.  In the statement labeled #3 in our short conversation above, Jacqueline mentions that her doctor assessed are abs as being “too weak” to stabilize her hip.
Although Jacqueline’s questions begin with the instability of her left hip; which causes it to tilt forward; then alerts me that he left ankle was severely injured, followed by the fact that her abs are weak… the sequence of events, beginning with the root of her problems and concluded with the fruits, is actually as follows.

1. Weak Deep Abdominal Wall - Jacqueline mentions having more than one child in our conversation.  This is very significant as pregnancy and childbirth put a tremendous, prolonged, stretch on the muscles that stabilize the hip.  Namely the pelvic floor and deep abdominal wall muscles such as the transversus abdominus.

2. Anterior Pelvic Tilt (Left Side) - Jacqueline is now suffering from an anterior pelvic tilt.  This is where the ab muscles are too weak to “tuck” the hips under or hold the pelvis in a neutral position.

Also, Jacqueline mentions that the tilt is more pronounced on the left side.  My guess is that as a mother of several children she probably carried them on her left hip, while leaving the right hand free to work, for extended periods of time over several years.

**EVERYTHING that we do repetitively becomes who we are and what we look like!**

3. Sprained Ankle (Left Side) - If Jacqueline went to an surgeon or the average pphysical therapist they might have looked ONLY at her ankle and treated it as if it were a single dysfunction… but since she’s come to me for advice, she now knows that the ankle injury is just the manifestation of a Muscle Virus that has gotten out of control!

The anterior pelvic tilt is also coupled with medial rotation of the femur.  As the femur rotates medially (inside), the arches of the feet have a tendency to collapse.

(I talk more about this in the following video) — This video is ALL about Muscle Viruses.

Unlike my description of the root issue being something in the face, head or breathing in the video above… we know that the root of Jacqueline’s problems is in the core.

So here is a game plan for Jacqueline:

1. Strengthen The Deep Abdominal Wall with “Tummy Vacuum” exercises (search my YouTube channel for more videos about that)

2. Learn to integrate abdominal bracing with hip flexion and extension exercises, like leg lifts.

3. Also, stretch the left hip flexor (psoas) and the QLO with side bend stretches on the left as well.  (search my YouTube channel for more videos about that)

So, in order to KILL “Muscle Viruses” we must…

First, identify the root virus.

Second, strengthen the muscles which have become dormant due to misuse or lack of use.

Third, stretch the muscles which have become tight due to over use.

To Jacqueline:

Post a comment below and I’ll e mail you a copy of my new Muscle Virus Solution later this week when it comes out.  The videos in this course will be VERY helpful to you.

Also, here is an invitation of a lifetime for you Jacqueline… if you make the effort to travel down to Florida will will personally show you exactly how to most effectively use these stretches and exercises to kill all of your Muscle Viruses!

Grow Stronger!

Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse