Muscle Virus Case Study

Yesterday I got a really great question concerning a woman who has been plagued muscle viruses in her hip.

She accurately described her muscle imbalances as “muscle viruses” since the imbalance had not only caused dysfunction in the affected area, but also in neighboring joints via the kinetic chain.

Here is a portion of our conversation from yesterday.

Like with all muscle viruses Jacqueline’s problems began with her deep abdominal wall.  In the statement labeled #3 in our short conversation above, Jacqueline mentions that her doctor assessed are abs as being “too weak” to stabilize her hip.
Although Jacqueline’s questions begin with the instability of her left hip; which causes it to tilt forward; then alerts me that he left ankle was severely injured, followed by the fact that her abs are weak… the sequence of events, beginning with the root of her problems and concluded with the fruits, is actually as follows.

1. Weak Deep Abdominal Wall – Jacqueline mentions having more than one child in our conversation.  This is very significant as pregnancy and childbirth put a tremendous, prolonged, stretch on the muscles that stabilize the hip.  Namely the pelvic floor and deep abdominal wall muscles such as the transversus abdominus.

2. Anterior Pelvic Tilt (Left Side) – Jacqueline is now suffering from an anterior pelvic tilt.  This is where the ab muscles are too weak to “tuck” the hips under or hold the pelvis in a neutral position.

Also, Jacqueline mentions that the tilt is more pronounced on the left side.  My guess is that as a mother of several children she probably carried them on her left hip, while leaving the right hand free to work, for extended periods of time over several years.

**EVERYTHING that we do repetitively becomes who we are and what we look like!**

3. Sprained Ankle (Left Side) – If Jacqueline went to an surgeon or the average pphysical therapist they might have looked ONLY at her ankle and treated it as if it were a single dysfunction… but since she’s come to me for advice, she now knows that the ankle injury is just the manifestation of a Muscle Virus that has gotten out of control!

The anterior pelvic tilt is also coupled with medial rotation of the femur.  As the femur rotates medially (inside), the arches of the feet have a tendency to collapse.

(I talk more about this in the following video) — This video is ALL about Muscle Viruses.

Unlike my description of the root issue being something in the face, head or breathing in the video above… we know that the root of Jacqueline’s problems is in the core.

So here is a game plan for Jacqueline:

1. Strengthen The Deep Abdominal Wall with “Tummy Vacuum” exercises (search my YouTube channel for more videos about that)

2. Learn to integrate abdominal bracing with hip flexion and extension exercises, like leg lifts.

3. Also, stretch the left hip flexor (psoas) and the QLO with side bend stretches on the left as well.  (search my YouTube channel for more videos about that)

So, in order to KILL “Muscle Viruses” we must…

First, identify the root virus.

Second, strengthen the muscles which have become dormant due to misuse or lack of use.

Third, stretch the muscles which have become tight due to over use.

To Jacqueline:

Post a comment below and I’ll e mail you a copy of my new Muscle Virus Solution later this week when it comes out.  The videos in this course will be VERY helpful to you.

Also, here is an invitation of a lifetime for you Jacqueline… if you make the effort to travel down to Florida will will personally show you exactly how to most effectively use these stretches and exercises to kill all of your Muscle Viruses!

Grow Stronger!

Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. Elliot,
    A while ago I had a lot of lower back pain and I had “specialists” telling me that it was going to cost me a fortune to fix it. But I came across your video on anterior pelvic tilt, I went through & did all the things that you recommended and eliminated the lower back pain that I was suffering and continue to recommend you to my fellow trainers who haven’t heard of you.
    Can you please let me know when you are running new courses from the new strength camp.

  2. Holy crap. I’ve never gotten this atlas/digestive stuff before even though my chiro and trainers have brought it up. So cool to have the demo!!! Thank you!!!

  3. this is really cool… Ivee been dealing with muscle viruses for a while…10 years ago I was suposed to have surgery on my knee, hip, low back and sholuders really fucked up from training weight and basketball…

    ended up getting into physical therapy and 2 months ago I finally opened my own gym… were finishing installing some astroturf indoor/outdor…

    chec me out on facebook…

    love ron paul by the way

    Im mexican and live in baja, but you are one of my favorite internet guys hehe

  4. Thanks Elliott,

    I look forward to learning more from you. I probably should have mentioned that I am Hypermobile as well… (which doesn’t help matters). Getting a good deep stretch in Psoas and QL has not been easy. But will continue to do so.

    Interesting observation that I must have carried kids on the left. That makes TOTAL sense! And having them so close together didn’t really allow my body to heal.

    I seriously can’t wait to learn more about how to correct Muscle Viruses.(Please tell me you explain abdominal bracing in it just so I can have a good understanding) Thanks again for the advice and guidance. I will be looking out for the ‘Muscle Virus Solutions’.

    FYI just two kids, not several. That is all I could handle :)

  5. Brilliant info as par usual elliot! The part about ‘carrying’ children etc on the left side was partically eye opening i’ve never considered that prolonged type of stimulus before!

    Ps. Extremely jealous of your offer to Jacqueline shes a lucky woman to have you wanting to help her!

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  7. elliot, youre the man. its really true, when you have an issue, the dr just looks at that issue not where the cause might be coming from. kinda like medicine today, bandaid to a problem, not taking care of the REAL problem. i really appreciate you going “out of the box’, in bringing us all this info, you wont find other ppl speaking about these issues, i never saw a program where they discuss like you say, whats going on outside the body is a manifistation of whats going on in the body, how true. everyone today just wants to get the resulus, not to take a step backwards and first correct the problem and the move on, and of course see the great results…. oh elliot, want to wish you much success in your new place… thanx again for all these videos and all we really do appreciate it.

  8. Hey Elliot! Is it possible for inflammation to move about in the body from one muscle to another? Would this be considered a “Muscle Virus”. One specific example would be that my mother’s deep shoulder where inflamed for quite a long time. But over the summer that passed and over the past few months she developed pain on the medial aspect of the foot. The doctors say that it is an inflamed muscle. I was wondering if you have a solution to this problem. Any response would be greatly appreciated. We have tried specialized orthopedic insoles but none of them worked, we have even gone through a wide range of shoes and nothing seems to solve the problem. Thanks again!

  9. Hello Elliot,

    Thanks for giving out this free info to us all. ‘Muscle virus’ are indeed a bad thing. I would assume that most trainees will have no idea about it and then they continue to train and sooner or later injure themselves due to the muscle imbalance (which probably gets worst and worst due to their daily life).

    I am sure most people would have some degree of muscle imbalances but they will not know. It will be great if you have some guide for people to learn how to assess themselves and also solutions to fix them.

    I know myself that my hip mobility is not very good as I cannot raise my legs up in a lying down position to 90 degree.

  10. Hello Elliot,

    You are a good man to help those in need. I just wanted to get confirmation of what a “muscle virus” is… I would imagine this term “muscle virus” is being used to explain how one muscle imbalance can spread/lead to other muscle imbalances?

    Regarding “viruses”, I thought I would let you know of an old concept that appears to be coming back now that people are waking up to the fraud of the pharmaceutical cartels. Current medicine says that one first catches a virus or bacteria and THEN disease sets in. However, a few Dr.’s are now voicing the opinion that first the body must become diseased through ones bad lifestyle (nutrition, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, attitude, spirituality, water, rest) and only then does a virus/bacteria begin to feed on this diseased body.

    In other words, bacteria/viruses are doing what God created them to do… feeding on a diseased/dying body. However, some evil people would like others to believe that they are not responsible for their diseased body through their lifestyle and are only innocent bystanders who happen to “catch” some pathogen. Lifestyle has been removed from the equation of a diseased/dying body.

    In come the Pharmaceutical Cartels to give you a magic pill that only attempts to kill the virus/bacteria and does nothing to address the underlying diseased/dying body.

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    “this term “muscle virus” is being used to explain how one muscle imbalance can spread/lead to other muscle imbalances?” — SPOT ON!, its just a cooler sounding term than “muscle imbalances” :)

    I am FULLY in line with everything you described above regarding sickness and disease… that is why I have made it my mission to support people in becoming the STRONGEST version of themselves!

    Thanks for your contribution Brad

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    that is a great question that unfortunately i have no clue how to answer.

    a great resource on inflammation is a book titled “Inflammation Nation”. that may help ya!

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    glad my analogy helped Naomi :) — by the way, cool blog! Its great to see your whole family getting fit.

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    That is AWESOME news Scott!

    I’ll be offering a Hybrid Training cert and Strengthology Coach Cert in the spring… I’ll keep you posted.


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  17. Thank you for the sweet compliment! I’m totally enjoying your program and working my way through all the videos. Inspired by the case studies, I took video of my deadlifts, squats and Y-squats and gee, there’s stuff to pick apart! Learning so much and definitely looking forward to finally getting the postural stuff worked out. I didn’t realize I still had the swayback until I saw my video. Ugh.

  18. Eliott. I’ve never heard of this term “muscle virus” before. I love it. Although I’m fit, and work out and teach indoor cycle, I’m always having some knee discomfort, lower back discomfort, right shoulder discomfort, very tight nec. And I have redicuously chronic annoying digestive issues that I cannot seem to remedy. Don’t ask me if I drink water, exercise, eat fiber. I do all of this and tons more. And no. I have never been pregnant which would be a good explanation for all of this. Yet I certainly have a poochy tummy. I have ab muscles, but I don’t think they stay in and stabalize naturally. BTW, not sure how I will evaluate myself. I’m totally blind and wondering if there may be another way I can use your vids to evaluate myself?
    Can you perhaps call me, or email me. I’d love to eliminate my degestive and muscle issues because I love working out hard and hate getting so much discomfort. Blessings to you and delivering this life saving information.

  19. Great video describing cause and effect of flat feet. Causes of stooping also include being overly self conscious. Developing a habit of ducking the head out of shyness. Outcomes: rib joints frequently out of alignment (trips to chiro). Potentially, mild heart arrhythmia due to T2, 8 and/or 12 being out of alignment over the course of long tiring runs. Diminished coordination and balance (due to weight hanging out front and back). Further self consciousness due to an odd posture, which takes us back to the cause statement, above.
    I know this cycle too well.

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    Kathy, nice website… what an inspiration!

    It sounds like you might have a digestive parasite, the very first thing I would invite you to do is contact Dr. Kalish (my trusted functional medicine dr) and have him run a full panel on your stool samples.

    his website is: http://www.drkalish.com/

    Good luck and e mail me when you find out the results!

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