Muscles DIE in this environment

Last night at the dinner table my daughter showed me a new
book that she got from Santa Clause ;)

The book had a picture and description of each one of the
body systems. It included the skeletal system, endocrine
system, muscular system, etc.

The final chapter was about the the nervous system.

As we studied the picture of the nervous system, we
suddenly recognized how similar it looked to the root
system, stem and flowering of a plant.

So we went online to find a some pictures that we could
compare and contrast the two organism’s systems with.

We found two perfect pictures and put them side by side.

This is what we made:


I added the question, “What happens if the root system gets

I wanted my daughter to think about how If the soil the plant is in,
was polluted with toxic chemicals, the flowers wouldn’t be able
to express its true beauty.

Now, compare this to the human “root system”, also known as
the peripheral nervous system.

In the same way that the plant roots absorb the contents of its
environment, the body via the nervous system, absorbs the nourishment
and energy of its environment.

If “the human plant is potted in soil” that consists of processed
sugar, hydrogenated oils, pharmaceutical, agri-chemicals, and
an anxious-depressive home environment…

…how beautiful do you think it’s “flower” will grow?

The cerebral cortex, which sits in your skull, is the “flowering”
of human consciousness.

The peripheral nervous system, which innervates your entire
body (muscular system and organs), is the roots from which
the brain is nourished.

If your body is weak, malnourished or toxic… then your brain
will also be f*cked up!

This is NOT the way to become a stronger version of yourself!

In the coming days I will be sharing A LOT of new ideas with
you about strengthening the nervous system with different forms
of mental practices and meditation.

In fact I’ve written a book about it, and I will show you how you
can get it for free. — I’ll probably reveal it this weekend.

Until then, read this free report from my friend Yuri Elkaim
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Many people downloaded this report yesterday and complained
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Elliott Hulse

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