Music For Smashing PRs

This year marks Strength Camp’s 10 year anniversary.

Ten years ago I decided that training in your typical “chrome and carpet” fitness center was not for me.

I wanted to train like I always had, like an athlete.

Dropping heavy barbells.

Flipping 1,000 pound tires.


Chest pounding.

LOUD music.

Shortly after opening the first old n’ dirty Strength Camp gym in South St. Pete I had all of my strongman buddies training there with me every weekend.

It didn’t take long for us to realize that there was something special about training at Strength Camp.  No matter who was training with us that day they would invariably hit a PR in one of their lifts (and it continues to this day).

Of course I can take credit for being such a motivating coach, but there was more.

It was the environment.

It was the smell of iron.

It was the comrade.

And it was the loud, heavy, aggressive, dank-ass music blaring on the speakers.

We would mostly listen to either gangster rap (ala 50 Cent), or something like Rage Against The Machine.

As long as the music got us in the zone, we blasted it.

When I went on my YouTube video uploading spree between 2012-2014 I wanted to have music in the videos that properly represented what Strength Camp stood for.

It had to be heavy and aggressive… but royalty-free (non-copy written).

A few weeks later I was emailed by a fan who loved my videos and offered to create some custom beats I could use in my videos.

This is where the popular Yo Elliott theme song came from.  The beat was actually titled Barely Breathing and it was one of about 12 beats NicBalz created for me.

Just few weeks ago I decided to upload a new video which captured the essence of each “mask” or persona I’ve donned in my years as a public and private figure.

It’s called “Who Is Elliott Hulse?”

And of course, it features a NicBalz beat.

You can find all of my old buddy NicBalz’s beats over on his SoundCloud page.  If you love his music leave a comment and let him know Elliott sent you.

Keep blasting.

Keep crushing.

Keep winning.

Grow Stronger,

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