My Favorite Strongwoman

Back in 2007 I was introduced to Strongman for
the very first time.

The first workout consisted of carrying a 200 lbs
keg, dragging a 400 lbs tractor tire with a chain,
and lifting a 225 lbs jagged concrete stone (which
tore all the skin off of my forearms).

It was fu*king brutal.

My skin was stinging and burning.

My legs cramped up so bad I couldn’t walk.

I thought I was going to die.

I… INSTANTLY fell in love.

My 7 year love affair with Strongman came to
an end around 2014.  Since then I have been
focused on building Strength Camp (and my
other businesses) and raising my family.

But this week I had an awakening.

Meet Sarah Lanzillo:


This is a picture of her at last years Strength Camp Challenge.

Yes, she is a fu*king (red) BRICK HOUSE.

Sarah lives in St. Pete and she attends Open Gym
each Monday at 4pm.

This week when I saw here training at my gym
near the Atlas stones, I asked her what new
competition she was preparing for.

She told me she was doing a “a powerlifting meet”
in a few weeks.

I almost fainted when she told me this.

“Power lifing is so boring” I said. “Anyone can perform
three compounds lifts… who cares?  There is no athleticism

“Powerlifting is for strong, non-athletes” I told her.


“You are a STRONGWOMAN”, I told her.

And it’s true.

Sarah is strong, explosive, agile, flexible, aggressive
and athletic.  She can jump, sprint, drag, throw and
dominate heavy odd objects.

Why waste such talent on power lifing, or worse…

Anyway, in that moment I knew what I needed to do.

Sarah Lanzillo instantly became Strength Camp’s first
sponsored athlete!


She has already dominated a few strongman shows
earlier this year… and she is about to sweep up the
entire sport in the coming years.

Sarah and I have similar body and character types,
so I knew her potential from the first time we met.

I immediately sent her a new program to follow;
made some suggestions about her current practice,
and put together our Strength Camp support team
to see her rise to the top!

She and I will be training together (or she’s training
and I’m coaching) on stones, tires, logs, yoke, farmers
etc about once a week moving forward.

She has a competition coming up in a few weeks and
she’ll be at the Strength Camp Challenge again this

As an ex-football player, ex-pro strongman and all
around athlete I can see talent from a mile away.

As a coach, mentor and nurturer I can give another
young athlete most of what she needs to succeed.

I’m 100% sure that Sarah is a winner.

Screenshot 2016-09-01 08.47.16

And I’m 100% sure that ANYONE I or our Strength
Camp Family gives love and support can do ANYTHING
we put our hearts to.

That is why we coach. 

That is why we give all we’ve got to the people we

That is why everyone who makes the investment in
themselves, by devotion to the process of Growing
Stronger is a part of our family.

This is the place to begin.

This the place to ascend.

Let’s go.


Here is Sarah lifting stones at Strength Camp for
the first time… she’s built for this!