You Will NEVER Have A Body Like This

Every four years when the Summer Olympics is in
season all of the fitness gurus start their bantering
about how muscular the sprinters are and how the
long distance runners are not.

They post images on their Facebook walls and blogs
that depict a sprinters paired next to a marathoner…

Notice the provocative question…

…which of these bodies is better?

Then they go on to explain how training like a sprinter
will make you have a body like the well built brother on
the right.

And jogging will make you look like the sickly little
white man on the left.

I think that their comparison of these two athletes, as
well as the suggestion that you might end up looking
like one of them based on your training is HORSE SHIT!

If you really believe that if this scrawny, balding
Finlandian spent the next 10 years training like the densely
muscled man of African descent on the right…

…he might transform himself into a white version of this
diesel sprinting machine…

…then you might be brain damaged.

I’d like to think that common sense would tell you that
there is no way that either of these men could change their
training in order to be like the other.

And there is no way that you are going to sit back and
choose what type of training you are going to do in order to
build either of these types of bodies for yourself.

I can hear you now…

But Elliott, you always tell us not to limit ourselves and
to always strive to become the Strongest Version of ourselves
..what gives?

Listen closely…

Becoming the strongest version of yourself does not mean
looking out into the world and cherry picking a prototypical
person to become like.

Becoming the strongest version of yourself is FIRST a
journey of self discovery.

It is looking at yourself objectively and discovering your
UNIQUE strengths. Strengths that only you have.

This also means knowing and embracing all of your personal

EVERYTHING about your body carries limitation.

The very existence of your body means that the spirit or
energy within you is limited by bone and flesh.

Your spirit /energy expresses itself through the form of your

And every-body is different.

In exercise we say “form equals function”.

This is true.

You are also born with a particular form and through
that form, with its unique strengths and weaknesses, you
approach the world.

When you acknowledge, respect and embrace the form
that you are given…

…you can then choose what type of sport, activity, training,
lifestyle is best suited for the expression of its full potential.

No matter what I do, I will never become a world class

Even if I trained for it my entire life, I will never be like a
Michael Phelps.

But, I effortlessly sprinted a 4.34 forty yard dash in college.

I can deadlift 500 pounds without even warming up.

That is what my “form” is naturally built to do.

It works like this in EVERY realm of your life.

What are your natural strengths?

What are the things that make YOU unique and strong?

Also, what are your limitations?

What are the things that you will always need support with
because your are not built to excel in it?

Discover and strengthen your strengths.

Embrace and outsource your limitations.

But always….

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Yo Elliott! This post is a great way to help us get our feet back on the ground and re evaluate our situations. As you said, becoming the strongest version of yourself is first (and i think mainly) a journey of self discovery, and that is by far the toughest part. Finding and developing our strengths and getting assistance with our limitations is one of the best pieces of advice one can get out there. You sir, are a great coach and mentor. not only because of the knolwedge you share, but also because you are not affraid to give a kick in the nuts to your students when it is needed. Thank you, and keep the great work.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCGsfs0IPFE You know Jim Wendler.. Watch this video. I believe you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do and you can reach whatever the fuck you want to reach, everything is within your grasp. I do agree not everyone has the genetics to be a record holder or win an olympic medal but I think everyone has the ability, maybe not to be the best but at least to get to the top in any sport you want, if you really want it bad enough..

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