New Grounding Camp Video and Q&A

I’ve been getting a number of questions about the Grounding Camp so I decided I’d answer them all in this blog post.

Here we go.

(Heads up: There are less than 10 days spots left for September’s Grounding Camp in Florida.
Click Here to Claim Your Spot).

Q: What Is Grounding Camp?


Grounding Camp is a 3-day workshop I’m hosting this September in Florida

During our three days together, we’ll be using Dynamic Mediation, Bioenergetics, Life Mastery, and group activities to help you become the strongest version of yourself.

Grounding Camp isn’t about giving you more information or knowledge.

Instead, it’s about giving you an EXPERIENCE, ripping out your weaknesses and replacing them with strength.

At Grounding Camp, you’ll discover:

  • How to CRUSH negative emotions and thoughts (and rewire your brain for positivity, confidence and success).

  • How to drop mental and emotional baggage buried deep in your unconscious.

  • How to find inner peace, trust yourself deeply and tap into your authentic self.

  • Tap into your power to achieve life-changing results (blow up your bank account and business, increase the intimacy in your relationship and take your health to the next level).

  • And much more.

Q: Who is the Grounding Camp for?


This program is for one group of people only:

People who are serious about becoming the strongest version of themselves.

We only have 100 places available for Grounding Camp. Each spot is valuable.

If you’re not prepared to show up, engage, and keep an open mind… then this isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to play FULL OUT, and support your fellow Gladiators who you’ll be going through this process with, then Grounding Camp is right for you.

Q: I’ve been to the Grow Stronger experience. Will I enjoy Grounding Camp?


If you enjoyed the Grow Stronger experience, then you’ll love Grounding Camp.

Grounding Camp is a 3-day event, and there will be much more Dynamic Mediation, intense bioenergetic exercises.

Q: What Are The Exact Dates?


Grounding Camp runs from September 29th-October 1st.

We’ll be starting at 10am on Friday September 29th and finishing around 5pm on Sunday October 1st.

Q: Where Is Grounding Camp?


Grounding Camp is in Florida at Dayspring Conference Center.

We will provide transport from Tampa International Airport to the camp.

We will also provide accommodation, food, and a few other surprises.

Q: When Does The Early Bird Special End?


If you book your place before July 31st, you can receive $400 off the ticket price.

If you book your place before August 31st, you can receive $200 off the ticket price.

However, since there are only 100 tickets, I can’t guarantee the page will be around until then.

If you’re serious about joining Grounding Camp, I suggest you place your order as soon as you can.

Q: Is There A Refund?


Since space is limited to only 100 people, all ticket sales are final.

That said, you will be allowed to transfer your ticket to another person.

Q: So How Do You Get Started?


If you’re ready to join us for Grounding Camp, click the link below and you can book your place.

Click here to join Grounding Camp.

This is the perfect time to take action.

Previous attendees of Grounding Camp have said it was one of the most transformative weekends of their lives.

I love doing these camps, and I love meeting all of you.

I hope to see you in Florida this September.

Click here to learn more about Grounding Camp.

Have any other questions? Email me and let me know.