NEWS: Kanye West’s Spiritual War (my two cents)

Last night one of my closest friends sent me an article he thought I’d like.

It was titled: Inside Kanye West’s Breakdown: Rapper Feels Like ‘He’s Under Spiritual Attack”

My friend was right… I liked the article for a number of good reasons.

#1 – I like Kanye’s music.

Kanye’s first few albums featured some mainstream hits.  They were songs that most people tap their toes and bop their heads to (even if you’re not a rap aficionado).


And catchy as hell.

In many ways Kanye is a pioneer.

He’s an artistic genius… or madman (thin line).

He inspired a wave of relatively new of hip-hop artists like Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

Like him or not, Kanye is a courageous artist willing to push the boundaries to create new art — without apology.

#2 – I also like his audacity, courage and commitment to being himself regardless of what other people say. 

Over the years Kanye and his music have changed.

And some people don’t like the “new” Kanye.

In response to his fans he performed a short poem / song on his most recent album titled “I Love Kanye” (read the lyrics here)

Kanye knows himself.

He’s also very aware of the impact he’s made in the lives of so many. And rather than drown in false-modesty (which is a passive-aggressive form of ego pride) — he owns it. 

#3 – I personally relate to Kanye as an artist, as a public figure, and an evolving man (under “spiritual attack”).


As an artist Kanye is willing to work hard and break barriers (like I mentioned above).  

As a YouTube creator and fitness coach Elliott Hulse is a pioneer. (yup, I’ve been referring to myself in the third person for years; It gives me a sense of detachment)

I was the first to popularize strongman training. 

I was the first to talk about posture in fitness, in a cool way. 

I was the first to begin talking about fitness in a holistic manner. 

I was the first to talk about biomechanics, physiology and life mastery. 

I was the first to bring philosophy to fitness (introducing thousands to
Emerson, OSHO and Alan Watts). 

I was the first to relate books and knowledge to fitness (inspiring thousands to read books) 

I was the first to relate psychology to physical fitness. 

I was the first to talk about Bioenergetics. 

I was the first to share Dynamic Meditation.

I was the first to talk about breathing (into your balls) as a means for personal transformation.

I was the first to teach other fitness enthusiasts about entrepreneurship, online marketing and business building (NonJobs).

I know what I’ve done.

I know how many people’s lives I’ve changed.

I know how deeply I’ve impacted the world (and I’m just getting started).

I also know there are lot of people who don’t like me.

Especially the “new” Elliott.

But I don’t care.

I am an artist, and my life is MY canvas.

As a public figure… 

I’m not nearly as famous as Kanye.

But with almost half-a-billion (over 400,000,000) views on my YouTube videos alone, I AM a public figure.

Public figures are subject to public pressure, public opinion and public scrutiny.

And I’ve been scrutinized quite a bit.

Some people love me.

Some people hate me.

Regardless, Elliott Hulse still shows up and does whatever Elliott Hulse wants to do — not what the masses demand.

What makes this even funnier is that one of my most popular edicts is to “Ignore everyone, listen to your gut, and follow your heart”.

But when I followed my own advice by quitting YouTube, the mob revolted.

One of my teachers put it best when she said, “Everyone wants to hear what the master says, but no one wants to do what the master does.”

The public will love you, as long as you stay within the confines of THEIR imagination. It takes a TON of courage to be yourself in a world that wants to control you.

As an evolving man… 

The article my friend shared with me was about some internal battles Kanye seems to be fighting right now.  He claims that he’s under “spiritual attack”.

Some people laugh (as my friend did); but I 100% understand what he’s talking about and what he’s going though.

There comes a time in man’s life where he is forced to look around and decide if the path hes on, is his TRUE path.  For most middle aged men, this comes in the form of a crisis.

They might have always wanted to be an artists, or musician, or entrepreneur, but made some decisions that took them away from that path.  Then around the age of 35, with a mortgage, wife and three kids, a deep sense of remorse comes over us.

We go into a grieving state where we are forced to make some changes — or live a lie for the rest of our days.

As a “successful man” thing aren’t any easier.

Success according to the world is usually very different than success according to the soul.

Having lots of money or fame can be an even bigger trap than the wife, kids and crappy job trap.

Men that find themselves in a low place, have only one new direction to go… UP.

Men who find themselves in a high place, have to go down first, before we can go up again.

A downward climb requires REAL humility.

Kanye finds himself in a down-ward climb, and in my opinion (and experience) the best thing he can do is to allow it.

The “spiritual battle” he’s talking about is resistance.  There is no battle if there is no resistance.

Death is essential for re-birth.

We have to lose ourselves in order to find ourselves.

If Kanye lets go and allows this process to unfold, he’ll find even greater riches (deeper and more meaningful) than he has today.

I know because I’ve allowed multiple versions of Elliott Hulse to die.

And I’ve been re-born into newer, stronger and more integrated versions of myself.

A large part of my success in navigating the turmoil of personal transformation comes from my practice of Active Meditation and Bioenergetics.  These are two very powerful practices that I’ve been ridiculed for teaching and talking about.

But not only am I unmoved by the detractors, I’ve chosen to create Grounding Camp in response to the great need for these methods.  The results have been astounding!

Regardless if your 17, 27 or 37, at some point you are going to be forced (by crisis, by God or by “spiritual warfare”) to evolve.

The process can be lonely and challenging.

That’s why I’ve been called to mentor / coach my brothers and sisters through this “grounding” process.

I am here to support you in your journey of Growing Stronger, and THIS is the next phase.

Join us here:

Maybe you’ll meet Kanye at our next meeting ;)