The NFL Yoga Workout

I graduated college about the same time as Heisman Trophy
winner Ricky Williams… actually he was one year ahead of

Ricky was a BRUISER and SLASHER!

The kind of running back that would either run though you
or “slash” right past a defenders face.

It’s rare for me to have a “man crush” but I thought Ricky was
the best thing since gluten-free sliced bread.


He decided to skip training camp one season and became a full
time yoga instructor and began smoking pot!

What a bummer, right?

Well, maybe Ricky was really on to something…

Check this out

Now, I am not suggesting that we should all quit our job, join
a Yoga commune and begin rolling blunts.

But if one of the most powerful running backs to ever play in
the NFL used this type of workout to gain athleticism.

Then maybe it’s worth a try.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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