Why “Nice Guys” always finish LAST

On Saturday I returned from a week-long family trip to Belize.

My whole family was there.

My mother, father, two brothers, sister, plus my crew of six. All together there were sixteen of us!

Belize is my homeland. Its where my parents were born and raised. And it was also the first time we all visited (except for my mom and dad).

My dad has always been a bit rough-around-the-edges.

He’s the type of guy that will say whats on his mind, no matter what others think.  

Sometimes he drops valuable gems of wisdom and life-mastery truths wrapped in curse words and aggression.

Sometime he simply says stuff to piss people off… just for the fun of it.

(My dad schooling me on being a bad-ass in Belize) 

Anyway, last week in Belize I learned a lot about my father, my self and my ROOTS.

It turns out that for many years (in the 1700’s) Belize was a very scary place for people to visit and ships to sail through.

Belize was home to drunken English woodcutters, freed slaves and PIRATES.

Belize was kind of a no-man’s land.

Belize earned a reputation for its hostile climate and aggressive people.

In Belize you had to be aggressive; you had to fight for what you want.

You had to be a tough-guy, otherwise you’d be eaten alive (by mosquitoes and hungry thieves).

Being raised in the home of slaves and pirates taught my dad a few practical things about SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

As the middle son in a poor family of 12… my dad had to be more clever, more cunning and more aggressive than the rest.

It was the only way to survive.

One of his most popular sayings, that he repeated over and over when we were kids was…

“Nice guys finish LAST.”

In other words…. If you’re going to get ahead in life, you’ve got to be tough.

If you wait for your turn, rather than going after what you want… other people will eat, and you will starve.

When I was young I didn’t understand.

In school I was taught to stand in line, be a good boy, and follow the rules.

But at home, my dad taught us to be tough, aggressive, cut-the-line and cover your ass.

Today, it all makes perfect sense to me.

Today, I know that my father was 100% correct about being an aggressive go-getter.

Today, I ALSO know that it’s 100% correct for to be considerate, courageous and kind when dealing with others.

Today, I personally get everything I want…. and leave the people in my life feeling great about it.

I’m 100% aggressive.

I’m 100% tender.

I call this balance way of being “Tender-Aggression”.

TENDER-AGGRESSION is a NEW principle, for a NEW world.  

No longer is it appropriate to be a tyrant; nor is it necessary to allow people to walk all over you, like a door mat.

Integration is the key.

And learning how to integrate your inner warrior (or pirate) with your inner lover is what I teach my children, fans and clients today.

Join me next month at my friend Jason Capital’s (lover extraordinaire) “High Status Summit” where you will learn how to attract more women, more money and more fun… with out being an overly push douchebag, or a f*cking doormat.

I’ll be there.

I’ll be speaking, dropping bits of CRUDE WISDOM and teaching you all about how Tender-Aggression really works.

Join us here next month –> http://elliotthulse.com/JC2017

Keep Growing Stronger,
E Hulse

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