No homo

Not a single day goes by that I don’t receive a flattering
comment on one of my YouTube videos from a someone
who appreciates the things I talk about.

Honestly, one of the main reasons why I create videos and
write blog posts is because I love to hear how my ideas have
supported you in some way. — It feels good.

I appreciate YOU as much as you might appreciate me :)

Often, the person who shows his appreciation by leaving me
a comment will say, “I love you Elliott…”

To me this is great to hear. It’s nice to be loved… by anyone.

But it’s strange that after showing me some love, he might
follow up the sentiment with “…no homo.

Basically assuring me that he although he loves me…

…hes not interested in having sex with me.


Here is something that you might not know…

In the ancient Greek translation there are four meanings for the
word love.

Storge, Pilia, Eros and Agape.

In the Greek language, love is not just about wanting to
“bone” someone (although there is a word for that).

“Storge Love” is simply fondness or familiarity. This is the good
feelings you have towards people you know.

“Philia Love” is a strong bond you have with someone. You might
feel this towards your best friend.

“Eros Love” is the romantic feelings you might have for someone.
This is the kind of love that might make you want to have sex.

“Agape Love” is unconditional love. It’s a sort of commitment
to someone regardless of circumstances. You might feel this
towards an alcoholic family member, etc.

When I read books by men I admire, guys like Alexander
Lowen or Ralph Waldo Emerson…

…I sometimes become gitty and excited with love towards
them. I am in love with the way these men express themselves
in the world.

I love them.

But it’s more of a “storge” or “philia” love… instead of “eros”.

These guys are dead… so if by some weird chance I did get
to meet them I would give them a big hug and show my
appreciation to them…

…but there would be no need for me to remind them that I’m
not going to make sexual advances.

Men are allowed to love other men.

But we’ve become so afraid of one another, and so scared
by anything that might be confused for sex… that we find it
necessary to put up walls even when we’d like to show love.

Of course, “no homo” is just a funny way to conclude a
simple show of affection.

But even in our jokes there is a thread of anxiety.

There is a tiny part of us feels there is a thread of truth
in the joke (thats what makes good jokes funny).

So, the bottom line is this…

…I love serving you with my videos & newsletter.

…I love answering your questions.

And I expect that some people might love me back,
and it feels good when you tell me.

But don’t worry… I’m not squeezing my butt cheeks
tight when you reach out to me.

And even if you are homosexual, I’m not too worried
about getting butt-raped by you.

And I’m not worried that if I hug you, and show love
back… that we might accidentally have sex.


Now give me a BIG HUG ;)

I promised everyone who I meet in December a hug
in this video. I hope to meet you there.



Grow Stronger (and love),
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Great blog! When I was in the military, especially post Afghanistan, my friends and I would tell each other that we loved each other. It wasn’t all of the time, but it still happens to this day. Why? Because we really do! When men (I can’t speak for woman as I have a penis) go through extreme circumstances with one another a bond is formed like no other. This doesn’t just go for war time, but also in the gym, on the sporting field, even just life in general. I always like what you have to say Elliot! Love ya bro!

  2. The fact that your such a smart dude and love what you do really makes me admire you. One day I hope I can help people and be as happy as you are! I feel a storage love for you bro.

  3. I always think it’s funny when I hear or read ‘no homo’ because to me if anything you sound as if you’re really a homosexual and trying to hide it. What happened to being an alpha and being strong in your masculinity? If I give a guy a hug, there shouldn’t be any doubt on my sexual orientation because I’ve already established who I am and what I like.

    I don’t know, to me it just seems very childish. Does that mean when I see my male cousins who are around my age that I need to say ‘no homo’? What if others don’t know he’s my cousin and assumes maybe I’m a gay male? Frankly, who cares. Keep it alpha, don’t give a damn!

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