No Trophies For The WEAK (only sour grapes)

Earlier this week I posted short video of myself doing some farmers carries with a mere 100-ish pounds per hand.

Not a superhuman feat by any stretch, but especially for an ex-professional strongman like myself.

True-to-form some hyper-intellectual, pseudo fitness fan on Facebook decided to spew his opinion about “heavy lifting” and his judgement about people (me) who do it in the comments.

I’ll save you the cringe… but dude goes on to explain why he doesn’t lift like us and why lifting heavy weights is only about the ego.

This reminded me of a short story I heard as a kid…


Its about a fox who was trying his best to get some grapes that were up high on the vine.

He jumped.

He climbed.

He threw rocks.

Nothing worked.  He could not get his mouth on any of those juicy, luscious grapes.

Then a bird comes along, lands on the grape vine and starts munching down on the grapes.

The fox, upset at his inability to get some grapes for himself looks up at the bird and says…

“I bet those grapes are sour anyway.”

The poor, weak-ass fox can’t get the grapes… so he calls them sour. 

People who can’t achieve what others have, will often sneer and claim… “that ain’t so good for you anyway.”

Guys who can’t get strong, claim that lifting is bad.

Guys who can’t get girls, claim that girls are bad.

Guys who can’t get money, claim that money is bad.

The only people I ever take advice from are people who have REAL experience.

When It Comes To Strength And Money… Listen To ME. 

I know what it feels like to be weak (no lifting, just yoga for 2 years)

I know what it feels like to be strong.

Being STRONG is better than being weak. 

I know what it feels like to be broke (over $90,000 in debt to be exact).

I know what it feels like to be wealthy.

Being WEALTHY is better than being broke. 

False modesty comes from seeing virtue where there is none.  People who can’t achieve often climb up on their sandcastles and look UP at those who are actually eating juicy, sweet, succulent grapes.

Ignore these people, and get away from them before they infest you with their lack mentality.

The only people you should be interested in speaking with, learning from, working alongside are people who actually ACHIEVED what you want.

You want to fly (and eat grapes) with the Eagles. 

So, you need to steer clear of the hateful vermin who out-fox themselves and remain mediocre.

For over a decade I have been teaching you how to get strong in my free YouTube videos and in my training products.

Today, I want to teach you how to take your passion for lifting, fitness and strength and turn into into GOLD.

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Keep Growing Stronger, 
E Hulse

PS – Just like lifting and getting stronger isn’t everyone’s cup-of-tea…. making money and earning a proud living as a warehouse gym owner and fitness entrepreneur isn’t for everyone either.

Some foxes just aren’t cut out for this kind of work.

Maybe they hate freedom.

Maybe they hate grapes.

For the rest of us… let’s fly.

See you up there –>