OBAMA: Free muscles for everyone!

Today is the day that Americans choose which
representative of the central banks are going to
rule the people, and expand the American Empire.

Oh!? – You actually thought we were voting for a
representative of “the people”?

In case you weren’t aware of the fact that every
American president has been a puppet of the
Federal Reserve Bank since Woodrow Wilson
singed the act in 1913…

…except for perhaps Kennedy (and we see what
happened to him)…

…do a little research before you vote.

But regardless of which clown you choose to cast
your ballot for, not much is going to change in the
direction of where the US is headed.

And not much is going to change for you or your
life, at least in the way that most zombies think it

The wars will continue, the debt will rise and our
liberties will continue to erode.

No one is going to save you.

They might give you a handout or pacify your ego
for a time… but ultimately YOU are in charge of the
results of your life.

Beware of anyone who promises to take care of you.

You’re a big boy now, and that means you take care of
yourself. Your mama’s tits aren’t milking for you

Get over it, and grow up!

Just like I can’t promise you free muscles without lying,
no president (or anyone) can promise you a better future.

You are the Executive, Judicial and Legislative governor
of your own life.

The banks will still rule, the war machine will power on,
and “big brother” will keep a watchful eye on you
regardless of Obama or Romney.

So cast your vote… then get back on your horse keep
Growing Stronger.

You become The Strongest Version of YOU, invite anyone
who is man enough to take the journey…

…and never be afraid to show the sheep that they are sheep.

Its the only way that they might wake up.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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