OPEN The Floodgates Of Strength (Elliott’s Secret Method)

There is a HUGE difference between “belief” and

With belief you grasp firmly to the ideas of another
person. You accept that what they are telling you is
the truth regardless of your rationale or experience.

In a way, belief is a form of self deprecation where
you ignore what you’re experiencing and adopt the
promptings of another person or organization.

That is why I tell you NOT to believe anything I say.

When I tell you about Muscle Viruses and how there
is an often overlooked physiological imbalance, that
if never discovered, can lead to a lifetime of pain,
weakness and dysfunction….

I am simply sharing my EXPERIENCE.

And I also have the experiences of other people to
back up my position.

For example….

Last weekend I invited a crew of your fellow Strength
Geeks to EXPERIENCE what I’ve found to be one of
the most liberating breakthroughs in The Science of

I actually TOOK THEM BY THE HAND and showed
them how their physiological imbalances are causing
them to feel pain and fall short of their strength

Then I helped them FIX THE PROBLEM.

They didn’t have to believe anything I said. All I asked
is that they give my idea a try.

After the experience one student commented, “It feels
like a flood of new sensation and strength has washed
over the right side of my body!”

Apparently this student had a severe imbalance that had
caused an impaired expression of the nervous system
throughout the entire right side of his body.

When we helped him correct the imbalance… he experienced
what seemed like an opening of The Floodgates Of Strength.

I can tell you that this man’s life will never be the same.

And it’s not because I asked him to believe anything. I
simply shared my experiences with him, and asked him
to try it out.

And NOW the experience belongs to him, forever.


Everything that I just described about my student’s experience
was caught on camera for you to see.

I don’t want you to believe my story, I want you to see for

That video, and 5 brand new Neuromuscular Strength
videos have been added to my Muscle Virus Solution

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Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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