Over Head Pressing And Shoulder Health

I’m pretty sure that several strength coaches, personal trainers and physical therapists are going to disagree with me on this… but, I don’t care.

While many believe that Over Head Pressing is inappropriate for athletes to perform due to some “cause of injury” hypothesis that they learned from their university professor…

I contend that Overhead Pressing is not only appropriate but NECESSARY.

You see, humans are designed to perform certain movements.¬† If you have a hard time performing these “Primal Patters”, it is my belief that you shouldn’t cease to do them… you need to discover why you have pain or dysfunction and then “fix it”.

In this video I show you how a common muscular imbalance of the upper back, lats and shoulders that hinder your ability to over head press AND I give you some suggestions on how you can correct them.

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    @ – Luke, I think Joe has some sort of a deformed acromion.

    You’ve got to form your own opinion. If you have pain with OH pressing, then find out why (it may be a deformed acromion ;)) and adjust accordingly. If you have not pain and your form is sound… I say press away!

  2. Hi Elliot, fantastic stuff, am looking forward to the next financial year when I can buy your stuff.
    I am a physio and coach voluntarily for 9year olds and first team rugby. You have excellent insight into training and the true strength requirement to be a combat athlete.
    Unfortunately there is an anatomical variation in humans and about 1/3 have a grater degree of “overhang” of the acromio-clavicular joint. This will definitely result in an impingement and laxity of the glenohumeral joint. Should they stop pressing. NO!!
    There are hundreds of variations of pressing, just look at all the brilliant stuff you produce.
    The bottom line is that yes, you must look for the problem. If it boils down to an impingement then turn to an excellent site like yours for alternatives.
    I put up with 5 years of shoulder pain, crippling after overhead presses. Overhang found on an x-ray, gives me great width but s**t function Used a mixtrue of stuff from grapplers, strongman, and frankly whacky training and now am stronger, faster and leaner. Dont overhead press but ask any prop forward or grappler who has done my one on one core combat workout against me if i have a weak shoulder complex.
    Bottom line is that 1/3 of the population should not do over head presses but should look to guys like you to provide them with alternatives, especially if their sport or lifestyle does not require it. For the rest, get a second opinion and someone that knows how to analyse the shoulder complex.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. i have not developed a workout in the last 4 years that has not included overhead pressing, and my results and lack of shoulder injuries speak for themselves. preach on elliot.

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    @ Theo – thanks for the compliments man! gotta make some cash in 09 ;) your right, safeting first man… dont want to injur yourself! thanks

    @ Tanner – great to hear from you bro! hows that arm doing? you gonna compete again soon? hows the new job too?

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