Own Your POWER

Back during the 2012 election year, the US was slowly recovering from a big financial and housing market crash.

I was still deep in debt, we had just lost our home and Strength Camp was only just beginning to make enough money for me to put food on the table for my family of six.

It was during this time that I also began thinking about the safety of my family and how I would care for them if there was a big economic crash, or some other man-made or natural disaster.

I began buying guns.

I began stockpiling food.

I began reading books on survival.

I also did not want to be left without POWER if the electricity grid were to be shut down (in Florida that happens a lot, due
to hurricanes).

I wanted to get “off the grid”.

I wanted to be self reliant.

I wanted to be self sufficient.

I wanted to OWN my own POWER.

Yesterday was a very important day for me and my family.

Yesterday we began the process of moving ourselves away from power-dependence to power-independence.

Yesterday we had solar panels and Tesla solar batteries installed on our home.

Yesterday we took back some of our power from the power-brokers (corporations, establishment, government).

Five years (and a LOT of wisdom) later… I’ve learned that our power can NEVER BE LOST (with or without solar technology).

Our power is not dependent on the government.

Our power is not dependent on the stock market.

Our power is not dependent on natural disasters.

Our power is not dependent on “the grid”.

Our power is not dependent on ANYTHING outside of us.

Our power comes from the light within us, the light around us and the light we share between all of us.

Our power comes from nature, the cosmos, God.

Our power comes from the daily rising / resurrecting Sun.

And there are only two ways that our power can be diminished.

1. If we give it away (like most people, including “younger Elliott”, do).

2. If the sun stops shining.

At Grounding Camp we spend three days together focused, like the sun through a magnifying glass, on re-claiming, re-igniting, and re-invigorating the light within you.

At Grounding Camp we awake at sunrise every day for one reason… TO TAKE BACK OUR POWER.

Bring in the light together with us in September at our very last Grounding Camp for the year.

This is your last chance for 2017.

**Only 7 spots left**

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Keep Shining,